Session 83- Black Tornado Studios, Copenhagen April 28th, 2012

10:00 Daniel and I went to the store and bought 2 cases of beer, and 2L of coke for today. Pär will be here at 14. Not sure if there will be room for our stuff in his car but we will see. Totally cloudy today. We are really psyched to play.

14 Pär arrives exactly at 14 and is fresh and doing well. We will have to make two trips with the car to get all our stuff as well. We are listening to Farflung/Black Land split LP right now.

15:10 We are leaving for the studio. We also heard the entire new BONG CD. Daniel liked it.

17:28 Most of the gear is setup and it looks like we will only use 15 channels total for this session. 5 for the drums, bass, two guitar and 7 for synths. Daniel is using the Park amp and it sounds great.

18:15 Testing the guitar and bass mics now and Mogens has the PA mostly set up now as well.

19:21 We have had a lot of issues with the tape echo for Daniel but Lars has fixed it. Mogens also had some problems with his signal from one channel was very muffled compared to the other but that is solved now. People are in a good mood and ready to play but also hungry. Christian, had to leave to go to a birthday so did not get to play today.

20:00 We had one short test jam and all went well and we are ordering some pizza now and then we will be ready to fly. Christoffer could not hear anything so we also had to set up some headphones for him. Seems to work fine.

22:32 We had a couple of jams 30 and 45mins and the vibe is good but Daniel was just going insane on the guitar and was really dominant, making it a bit hard sometimes (I felt) for there to be room for anyone else… He will mellow out.. We also had a really dreamy space jam that went on for quite some time but I thought it was amazing but Pär just stopped playing and walked off as he felt it was not going anywhere… I think most of us were surprised..

00:29 We are finished now. The guys in Mantric Muse stopped by and heard some of what we were doing and thought it was cool. We played a lot of high energy stuff. Pär needed this and it really worked. A lot of killer solos by everyone and I really found some cool sounds on the modular synth. It was a good start. I recorded 3 pieces of the jams from the playing room. No idea what they sound like. I will put them on the net for the fans..

1:25 Finally in bed….. still have a lot of adrenaline in my body….

Day 2

9:00 I woke up at 7 but tried to go back to sleep. I am tired but ready to play again and find some new fresh sounds. Nickolas from the Univerzals will show up today and play and Christian the bass player from Papir will also play.

11:50 We are about to leave for the studio. We have just been relaxing and hearing some music (FELA, Wino and Connie Ochs, etc..) and I made some vegetarian pasta to fill us up.

12:15 Everyone is here on time and in a good mood. It is a nice day and people are having a beer.