Øresund Space Collective 100th Jam session- Mantric Muse Rehearsal Room, CPH 3/23/13

15:00 I am preparing my synths and mixer and cables so I can just laod them all into the bike around 18. I will take the Octave Cat, my modular and the Kaossolator pad. I have also packed the OSC pictorial diaries so people can check it out and the new vinyl master of It’s all about delay and the new CD as well.

19:05 Nick, Louise and Ramona just left and now I will head out the door. They were an hour late so I am also later than I expected. Still having trouble finding a 2nd guitar player for tonight so it might just be me jamming with the Mantric Muse guys but I hope not.

19:30 I arrive and all is well. Michael helps me to bring my stuff up. Søren is very absorbed with a cool electronic drum that he is making really cool music on.

22 We had a pretty cool 71min jam that started off slow and spacey and then got a lot of dynamics. Thomas is here now as well and will play in the next jam. Lots of beers and joints like in the old days… People are in a good mood. I shot an 18min video.

00:25 We had another 61min jam with Thomas on bass and then a third jam with Michael but my memory card ran out so I missed the end of that. I did shoot some video after it ended but this is just the Mantric Muse guys and I make a few space sounds while filming.

03:30 Man it is late and it was a really hard bike ride home. We hung out and had some more beers, Jack and coke and heard a lot of It’s all about Delay and also some of the 1st jam. A fun night. We agreed to do this again sometime soon and not wait years…

Søren's new Drum intro Jam 2:30
Take Two (of What?) 20:04
Rise to the Top 15:18
Frozen Moon 10:32
My Phone Rings 14:41
Exit the Nebula 11:24

Thomas kicks it up a Notch 27:57
Lion's Roar 12:18
Drifting to the other side of Time 15:10
Riff, Reefer, Rodents 15:01

Ghostly Images 17:53
Do people Fly? 25:37