ØSC Session 102, Dragens Hule, Copenhagen
May 11th, 2013

18:45 Sabine and I are about to ride the bikes with all the synth gear and merch out to the club. It is cloudy and about 15C. They say it might rain a little later.
The Facebook event says 88 people coming. We will see about that.

19:10 The Electrtic Moon people were laying on the couches very stoned and relaxed when we arrived. NO one else was at the club yet. They were in a good mood but really tired.

19:45 EM are setting up their stuff and Jiri and Mogens are here now. We will have to change out the complete drum kit and set up the guitar amps after Electirc Moon play. It will be a late night. They promise to start at 22 and end by 23:30.

20:50 EM are doing their soundcheck and all seems fine. Birk, our drummer for the night came but left and he will come back at 23. Neither Nick are here yet.

23 Electric Moon started right on time and had 3 jams and completed their set in 56mins. They could have played more but decided not to. NOt sure why. I was not pressuring them at all. People wanted more but they decided not to play. It was the same heavy bass, phazed out fuzz guitar jams as the band has been playing the last year or so. They started the concert and all the jams on the floor making spacey sounds with the pedals and Dave had a small keyboard as well. Solid set. I shot one video of the last 20min jam.

23:55 We had a short soundcheck and Nick had a problem with the amp so we had to stop. IT seems that the sound was good for everyone so we will just fly once we fix the amp. About 60 people in the club. Maybe 15 people left after Electric Moon. No sign of the Troldmand guys.

04:15 I am finally at home.. Phew.. what a night. We played the first set of 71 mins and then a second 90min set. Some very cool stuff and both guitar players were on fire. A totally different band and dynamic from the last OSC show just 6 days ago.. Martin from Fri Galaxe played drrums for all but the last jam of the 2nd set. Great night...