Session 103
The Boat Trip, Hamburg May 24th, 2013

8:45 I am all packed and about to take my stuff street side to wait for Jocke to come pick me up with the van. He should be here around 9. Weather is very nice and sunny but cool about 10C. They say it will be around 10-12C and overcast in Hamburg and rain all day tomorrow. We will pick Nick up in Køge and we have booked the ferry for 13:15. We should make that. We have to take a PA for the boat trip tonight. This show sold out 1½ months ago. There were only 60 tickets.

9:34 Everyone is here at Dragens Hule and in a great mood and ready for another tour. Now the packing begins.


10:15 It is pretty tight but we almost have the van packed. We had to use two of the three back seats so we will have to rearrange to get Sabine and Klaus into the van for the shows.

10:29 We are leaving and listening to Gösta Berlings Saga (2nd album), a great band from Sweden.

11:30 We met Nick on time in Køge and all is going fine. I just put on the new Deep Purple CD Now What?. I think it has some cool songs, I just am not so fond of the way the chorus is constructed and sung in the songs. Gillian sounds amazing and the band plays to a very high level.

16:30 We are finally at Sabine’s place on the edge of Hamburg in the forest. The ferry trip went fine and we are on time, all went fine. We heard the new Clutch- Earth Rocker, the new Pothead album, Jackpot…. both great… We got lost coming into Hamburg and Sabine’s partner in Sapphire Records that put up the shows, had to come meet us and we would follow him. Quite tricky to find this place.

18:00 I cooked a Pakistani Biryani dish for everyone and it was great but perhaps not enough food for 8. We will leave pretty soon as it takes 40mins to get to the center of the city where the boat is docked. We have been listening to a prog band called Ritual. Quite good. They have a great music collection here. We are supposed to not be able to load onto the boat before 20 and people can come on at 20:45 and we sail at 21 but I hope we can get in earlier. Seems we have to carry the gear 100 meters as well as you can’t get close to the boat.

19:30 Jiri repacked the van and we could get everyone in. We were able to get into the boat now but it is really difficult to find a good way to set up and the guys running the boat want us in a specific way but we have a lot of stuff and it is a really small space. We found a reasonable compromise. The mics for the recording have to be in the center of the boat in the ceiling. This is going to sound strange and the drums will be loud.. This place will be packed when we put 60 more people in here. Wow…

01:00 Wow…that was incredible! We played a short soundcheck jam as people were allowed on the boat and then two sets about 75mins each. The people were dancing and the city was all around us as we sailed through the harbour and back two times with a 15min break at the dock. We played a really high energy Hidria space folk like set. Jocke and I could not hear Nick’s guitar at all so this was a bit of a problem. Sound was very special and when the boat would turn it felt like everyone and all the gear would fall over. Amazing stuff and high energy gig. We were space grooving. This gig was so much fun. People had come from Berlin, 10 people from Bremen, Dortmund, etc.. to see us. One older gentleman wanted all our autographs and said he was a huge fan and that when he worked 10 hrs a day he only listened to our music. Wow.. A true fan. I wonder what his favourite shows and albums are??

The free CD was nicely received. We only sold 160€ worth of shirts, records, etc.. due to there was no space to set this up on the boat and I had to do it on the sidewalk after the gig and it took too long after to get the stuff from the boat hold, etc… Oh well… Hope they all come tomorrow night.