Day 2 Indra, Hamburg, Germany 5/25/13

10:45 Everyone is slowly coming to life. It is really crap weather outside, just steady rain. I am very curious about the recording as the gig was so special last night. I hope we can go for a walk in the forest even though it rains.

12 We just had some bread and cheese and cold cuts and some had hard boiled eggs as well. I listened to a bit of the recording and it has a really strange sound but with some EQ it might sound ok. I can’t hear that much guitar though. We have been listening to Brian Eno (Before and After Science) and Achim Reichel- AR4 (1974) and this was cool. I never heard this later record.

15:15 We are about to leave to go into Hamburg. We took about 40min walk in the forest even though it was raining and that was really nice. We did not get that wet but a bit. We are going to go eat at a Pakistani place in town before the gig. We have to bring all our own drinks, door person, etc.. tonight… and pay 400€ to rent the place plus pay the soundman and visual people so we need some people to show up just to break even. We have 29 pre-sold tickets.

17:30 We just had a nice dinner and tried to pay for it but Klaus would not let us. We are going to go to the club and maybe take a walk around since we were told we can’t get in before 18:30.

18:51 We could get in and we are nearly all set up for soundcheck now. The sound man is very cool and also plays synths and loves our modular synthesizer stuff.

02:00 That was a hell of a night. We played for more than 3hrs in two sets and I was able to make a multitrack recording as well as an audience. Anders (organ player from the later great band Mandragora lightshow society) and some young kids did very cool visuals with 8mm film, overheads with oil bubbles and other projections onto our new OSC banner. It looked great. Sadly, only about 30 people came to the gig since the European Soceer championship was on this night and it was two German teams. there was no way we could know in January that it would be two German teams. Oh well. The people who were here loved it and bought our records and we signed some of them. The first set was nearly 2hrs long and slow and spacey, we really lacked energy but played some cool stuff. The 2nd set was 75 or so mins and I think only two long jams one Eastern and one more hard and funky. I had a good time and what a great club, Indra. The Beatles even played here. It was a great weekend in Hamburg. Thanks to Sabine!!!!!!!!!! We love you………..