ØSC Session 106- Dæmonen’s Port, Copenhagen 24/08/13

PIB, Dr. Space, Johan, Magnus, Nick, Helge, Jesper, Pär, Jiri

It was really fun night for my 50th birthday but a crazy gig in some ways and a late night. We did not actually start playing until after 1AM. It was great to see my friends who have all played in ØSC play with their own bands. Sumo Sun, ILDHU and the Carpet Knights. All the bands played cool sets and it was pretty late by the time we set up to play. To start the show it was me, nick, Jiri, PIB, and Johan. Mogens has school and exams and could not play. PIB was smashing the drums as he usually does and is way too loud on the recording since the amps were not turned up to make up for this. He played great and after about an hour or so Jesper took over the drums and Magnus came up and played Johan’s guitar. I even sat our for 10mins and Johan tried to figure out how to get sound out of my strange synth set up… Nick, passed his guitar to Magnus and Johan came back and Par played some bass while Helge (SumoSun) took over the drums. I think we played about 1hr 40mins and when it was 3 I called it to an end as I was really tired and the crowd was thinning out now as well. It has been a long party starting at my place at 18.. and an even longer day for me.. Fun night.. Sorry the recording is not that great…..