Tuesday Nov 26th
21:45 I met up with Peter and picked up the huge Mercedes Sprinter (6.95m long and 8 seats and huge space for the gear). This is by far the best van we have ever toured in. IT was very hard to find a place to park it and I had to park it illegally so I hope I don’t have a ticket in the morning. The back left tire is looking a bit low but Peter did not seem to be worried and just said we should check it in the morning and add air. He had checked the entire van etc.

Weds Nov 27th
7:10 I woke up at 5 this morning. Too much on my mind. I was a bit anxious about getting a ticket. I hope the Swedes are on the way soon…

8:40 No ticket.. Phew.. The packing is going slowly and we had hoped to be on the road by now. The back tire is really looking low. It must have a leak. Søren is still not here yet but we are packing all the MM stuff now. It is wet, cold and this is not good for all the boxes with the merch but we try to protect it.

8:50 We are packed but we all agree we have to deal with the tire. Søren is not here, he is stuck in traffic.

Waiting to be loaded into the van

9:41 We had no choice to but to get the tire repaired. The tire had a nail in it! I called peter and it was all cool and they agreed to pay for the tire repair (250kr). Now, we are delayed about an hour. People are in a good mood and relaxed despite the set back. We only have to get to Hamburg and we have a GPS on søren’s phone so we are less likely to get lost.
12:03 We just reached the ferry now.
13:03 The ferry trip is over and we got some food. Schniztel is the usual band favourite except the vegetarians. We bought a case of coke and two cases of beer. I did some stretching of my back (I have really bad lower back problems). Jocke is driving and we are listening to the new Taylor’s Universe- Evidence CD. everyone is really liking this one..
13:55 We are about 75km from Hamburg. Weather is not very nice. Cold, windy and light rain. We are hearing the new Korai Öröm 2013 CD. Cool stuff.
14:51 We missed the exit and went 5km too far. We are finding the right way but it is small roads and lots of traffic. Should be at Sabine’s house in 20mins. We will eat, bring in our sleeping stuff and relax for an hour or so. So far we have heard Papir- Studum, Scorpions- In Trance, Funkadelic- S/t, Sasquatch IV, Robin Taylor- Evidence…..

In the Van on the way to Hamburg

16:30 We had some very nice Indian food at Sabine’s and everyone is in a good mood and having a beer. Today is Sabine’s birthday and I bought her a small gift and we sung her Happy birthday. I am also lying down and got a massage which is really helpful. Tak Sabine.
Hanging out at Sabines and having food!

17:00 We are stuck in terrible traffic and listening to GONG-Live etc..
17:55 It was tricky to park the van but we made it and are setting up. The stage is a very strange shape and this DJ booth thing takes up a lot of the area. We will manage. The Sound guy and club people are really cool here at Grüner Jager. The room is quite small so even if there are only 30 people it will feel like a good crowd.
19:15 People are coming now. We did a soundcheck and it will be an intense show in this small place. The bass is really massive and modulates like crazy in the small rooms so people better be in the main room. A guy named Jan gave me some money to burn him copies of the previous Hamburg shows. I will include this one as well. I am resting my back.
Resting my back!

20:50 Wow.. Mantric Muse played a great set and people really seem to enjoy it. I guess there are about 35 people here. Sounds was very good but a lot of bass. I recognize quite a few people from the last Hamburg show including one of our biggest fans, Kirsche and his wife.

Mantric Muse

Magnus Ola


Set List: DMU, Nanoid, Wobbegong Wookie, Cinope, Sinbad Søfareren, SFunx

23:30 My back is killing me. I think the concert was pretty cool and people really liked it. Room was totally full of people (44 paid) and we had some good dynamics, starting quite slowly. Magnus played both synths and guitar. Seems we sold a few copies of the new record, etc.. Michael did not play the bass tonight, maybe tomorrow. I was told to check out a local Hamburg band called Stargazer who also play improvised music.


1. Ich bin ein Hamburger 27:55
2. Talking 2:10
3. Jam for Sabine 22:15
4. Band Introductions 1:12
5. Increased size of the Universe Tonight 29:13
6. Kirsche Jam 25:54