Day 2
8:30 I woke up at 8:15 to charge the batteries in my recorder and get some water. Some of the guys stayed up quite late after we got back to Sabine’s smoking and drinking. Klaus, Michael, Sabine and I are all up now. totally grey and cold and people are outside having coffee and smoking. I slept like a rock last night and my back is feeling better so far today but I quite stiff. I hope I can get a massage before we have to sit in the van for 5 hrs to get to Koblenz. We need to try to leave by 11.

10:15 We heard the Great Khan record and everyone is up now and in a good mood. We sorted out the money and merch from last night. We also discovered that the entire band on this tour are left handed except myself!

10:55 We are about to take off now. We had a great breakfast with coffee, tea, juice, bread, cheese, meat, etc.. We will start the drive off with me as the driver and we will hear the Carolina Funk- First in Funk 1968-1977. A great compilation. In fact, the entire series Florida Funk, Texas Funk, Midwest Funk and California Funk are all great.

14:15 We are near Osnabruck now and still at least 2-3hrs to go we estimate. We heard the new Shpongle, Lynryd Skyryd’s first and now the new Rovo-System 7 CD called Phoenix Rising. It is great. My back is aching. Magnus took over as the driver now. The drive has been pretty smooth but it took nearly an hour to get out of Hamburg.

15:50 This drive is really taking much longer than we had expected and we had originally said we would go to the local promoter’s house for some food and then to the venue but we might have to go straight to the venue. We will see. It is very foggy on parts of the drive but good when we listen to Frank Marino- tales of the Unexpected. A great record. Magnus is driving as fast as he can. People are going to be really hungry and we have no time to stop and buy some food. We picked straws (cigs) and Sebastian lost so he is the driver after the gig tonight. One has to stay sober. The only non-drinker, Michael, also does not drive! What luck!

16:50 We had to stop as people were too hungry. We heard Irish Coffee in the last drive. Cool band from Belgium from the early 70s. Traffic is still very heavy. This drive is going to take like 7hrs to go 450km. Just too many people on the roads in Germany. It was not this bad 10 years ago when I toured with Gas Giant. We could do a drive like this in 5hrs max.

18:15 We arrived at Andreas’s finally in a suburb of Koblenz, cool small old village, dropped off our sleeping stuff, ate some pasta with gorgonzola sauce and then we had to go pretty fast to the club.
Sound check was supposed to be at 18. Show is supposed to start at 20.30 so it will all be quite a rush tonight.

20:30 Everything has been a huge hassle today. Turns out we could multitrack record the show so that was great and Mantric Muse will play a bit longer set as well. No many people yet (maybe 15?). We had to park the van like 500m away from the club. Andreas is a very cool guy and relaxed, which is good as it has been a rough day.

21:05 I did an introduction for Mantric Muse. There were only 7 pre-sale tickets and 21 total tonight, it seems.

22:00 Mantric muse are such an amazing band. Wow.. what a set. They changed the set a lot tonight and blew me away. Audience seem to like them as well. The sound is very good and loud in this club.
Sound guy was great and super helpful with everything.

Set List: Sinbad Søfareren, Wobbegong Wookie, Nanoid, Deep Sea Cheaps, Azur, Gnoxience, Dr. Tit’s Kittel, DMU, Armh

Mantric Muse

01:00 Far out show.. People were pretty tired and I had some issues with my modular synthesizer. I will need to check it out. The small crowd seem to really like it a lot.
I think we only played about 100mins tonight. All seem to go well with the recording. Jocke was killer on the bass today. Sebbe seem to be off today and stuggling.

01:40 Was a late night. We sold about 140€ in merch. It was only 21 paid people, so we will have to take a reduced fee. We can’t do this every night or we will be screwed at the end.

1. Mission Possible 21:56
2. The Spirit of Nickolas Hill 22:56
3. Cosmic Balls 14:50
4. Band Introductions 1:33
5. Jam for Andreas 28:38
6. Pilsnator 13:13

Please note at the end of the Spirit of Nickolas Hill I say something about how he must be a fucked person but that is only in relation to the crazy jam. Nick is a lovely and wonderful person and a great creative musician!