Day 3

10:00 Sabine and I seem to be the first people up. I suspect that when we got back at 2 that people were smoking and drinking until late. I had a shower. It is totally gray again. No sun for the 3rd day now. It will be about a 5hr drive to Jena. Get in at the club is at 17. We need to hit the road by 12 at the latest.

11:15 We sorted out the money with Andreas.

12:51 I start off the driving everyday which is good for my back, etc.. so… We just had some lunch, as there was no breakfast. I had a couple of muesli bars and some juice and tea. We had to go back to Andreas’s house 2 times after we had driven away. First we left a box of records and then Magnus discovered he forgot his guitar after we were 1km away a 2nd time. Shit….

16:00 I drove for like 4hrs. We heard Causa Sui- Pewt Sessions, Buffalo, Antibalas- Dirty Money, and ØSC-The black tomato as we discussed trying to have a jam on Black Tomato Pt 3 at one of the gigs. We will see. It is cold out and there has been some valleys with massive fog and snow on the hills. People are in a good mood after a joint. Seems we are about an hour away and people are in a good mood and joking around a lot. I will have a beer now since someone else is driving the rest of the way.

17:30 Black Night in Jena is a cool club and really nice people. Mark is super cool and this gig tonight is there 2 year jubilee and he is so happy we are here to play. We were able to get the backdrop up again tonight and Mark has some cool projections as well. We did not have any lights or projections for the first two gigs.
18:15 All is set up for soundcheck now and the soundman is setting up all the mics. We got some fresh fruit, 4 cases of beer, water, etc… we joked we can’t leave until we drink it all! They allow smoking in the club and backstage room (no window or ventilation at all so I basically can’t be in there, as nearly everyone in the band smokes!).

Backstage in Jena

19:35 Soundcheck is over and the sound is good but really loud in this club. Wow.. Mics are set up and they will also do multitrack recording. Sabine video taped the show in Hamburg and will also do this show (only OSC). People are in a good mood. I got a back massage and feel much better.

20:15 The food came quite late and people were really hungry. The 3 lasagnes (meat and veggy) were really good. Show must start at 20:30 and end at 23:30. Mantric Muse will play for 1hr tonight. Sebastian is drinking and smoking a lot but seems in control. He had a great sound on stage tonight so I think he will be on fire. Not a lot of people here yet but mark said they usually come just before 20:30..

21:30 About 40 people and I met Fabio from Brazil who is an artist who says that ØSC inspires him a lot. Cool to meet him. I will dedicate a jam to him later. Mantric Muse played a killer set again. Massive sound tonight. Soon space time…
Set List: DMU, Sinbad Søfareren, Sfunx, Azur, Wobbegong Wookie, Cinope, Encore: Nanoid

MM in Jena

00:05 Wow.. what a killer crowd and we played the best show of the tour so far. People were really into it. Michael played bass for the first two jams and we started off with this Black Tomato pt3 jam but Sebbe had not remembered the parts at all so it was a bit of a mess but still a cool riff to jam on. Søren was so intense this night and working really hard. Michael misses jamming in Mantric Muse since the material is so sequenced and computerized these days. I hope they can find the balance and introduce some more improv into their set like the old days. I am sure they will.
01:00 Very fun night. Backstage people are really getting blasted and super high. We only have to walk 50m to the sleeping place but the guy is passed out at home and we can’t get in now. We only have 3hr drive tomorrow.