Day 4

10:00 We did not get into the apartment until 02:15 and the guy was really sorry. It was their 2 year anniversary and it all got a bit carried away. We left the gear locked in the club so we could load it in the morning. We agreed to meet at the club at 10:30. Still totally gray. No sun for the 4th day. I think the gig last night was very intense. Both guitar players were awesome. Magnus is always amazing. There were some issues with the multitrack recordings though. The high hat mic is missing for two songs of the MM set and they had to replace it. Not a big deal as I am sure you can hear it on some of the other mics. For ØSC it is a bigger problem though as the kick drum mic died so half the concert it is missing. Unlikely we can do much about that. I am curious how the audience recording is. I just had a shower am pretty relaxed but did not sleep that well compared to the night before.

11:25 We stood outside the club for 45mins for the owner to show up (11:15). It is cold out but we are finally loading up the van and then we will do all this GEMA stuff and have some lunch (breakfast) and hit the road.

12:52 We are finally on a real highway after all these small roads and some construction. We heard the new Hawkwind- Spacehawk CD, which is basically a cool compilation of new and old stuff, different mixes and rerecorded tracks. Pretty cool. We are now hearing the Taylor’s Universe-Evidence CD again. Good way to easy into the day as people partied pretty hard last night. I think tonight will be the highlight of the tour for sure. Café Cairo is so cool and the crowd at the Psychedelic Network is amazing. A short pee and smoke break and we are on the road again. GPS says 1hr 10mins.. This means we are there about 14 and can maybe hear some of the Papir set!

18:00 Papir played a killer 2hr set and Nik Turner joined them for the last jam. People really seem to like them as well. I have seen them many times but never play for hrs.. Kozmik Klaus’s visuals are amazing!

20:00 I am a bit stressed as we only have about 1hr to set up all the gear and soundcheck before Mantric Muse and OSC start. Camera played a cool set, very hypnotic stuff.

21:15 Mantric Muse is playing now and it sounds great. Massive huge sound. I am mostly resting up so I can give it all during our show. I have been sharing Nik Turner’s backstage room where there is a couch that I can lay down on. Sabine gave me a massage as well which really helped me out. I spoke to Nik about a lot of different things and he will come out and join us at 23:00. We talked about the current Hawkwind issues with Dave Brock and himself. It is all pretty sad. I think he wishes they would just call him up and talk to him. Anyway, it is not my business. He is a very nice person. I also chatted a lot with the guitar player from Space Invaders (either Dirk or Tipi). Nice guy. I have talked with a lot of the fans as well and spent a lot of time selling merch, etc.. Awesome festival.

Day 5

What can I say, just a totally amazing festival. I think we played a strange and very spaced out set. Magnus played a lot more synthesizer than at any of the shows, leaving Sebastian alone on the guitar but he was pretty creative. The crowd was into and as usual it took a while but then we really played pretty cool. It was strange when Nik appeared as I did not even see him and then there he was! He played with us for about 50mins, which I think was too long but people seem to like it and said he played his best of the entire festival with us. We will see. It was a bit to short only playing less than 2hrs but that is the way it goes. Anyway.. a great tour and despite my back issues I also had a great time and we are all such good friends for so many years how and playing music together on and off for nearly 10 years. It will be 10 years in April this line up started jamming!

The line up on the tour was: jocke and Michael- bass, Magnus- Guitar and Synths, Sebbe- Guitar, Søren- Drums, Ola- synths, Dr. Space- Synths.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us and bought merch, etc… See you again one day… Peace.. A huge and special thanks to SABINE!

This is the music we listened to in the van:

Hawkwind- Spacehawks
November- En ny tid år har
November- 6:e
Buffalo- Volcanic Rock
Antibalas- Dirty Money
Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush- Tales of the Unexpected
Korai Öröm- 2013
The Grand Astoria- Punkadelia Supreme
Papir- Stundum
Rovo and System 7- Phoenix Rising (Amazing!)
Robin Taylor- Evidence (Another favourite in the van)
Lynryd Skynryd- Pronoucned
Allman Brothers band- Shades of two worlds
Funkadelic- Funkadelic
Irish Coffee- s/t.
Gosta berlings saga- Tid ar Lyud
Gong- Live etc
Porcupine Tree- The Sky moves sideways
Causa Sui- The Pewtr Sessions 2CD
Øresund Space Collective- The black tomato
MonoMyth- s/t
Thors Hammer- s/t (1971)
Frank Zappa- Apostrophe
Shpongle- Museum of Consciousness
Sasquatch- IV
Scorpions- In Trance
Carolina Funk Compilation