Øresund Space Collective- The Big Bang, Roskilde, DK 5/17/14

This was the first show for ØSC in half a year and I was so much looking forward to play again with my band. Magnus and Søren (Mantric Muse), Jiri, Nicklas (Papir) and Jonas (Agusa) all met at my place and we drove off around 16:30 for the venue. It takes about 35mins to drive there from Amager. Everyone was in a good mood and the weather was just fantastic.

The Big Bang is like the local youth-punk club in Roskilde and really nice young kids run he place. Cosmic Michael, is a big fan and invited us to play for a 2nd time.. All went smooth except for some monitor problems for Jonas and myself. I recorded two soundcheck jams for about 27mins of music, the 2nd one was quite cool. I think Sabine filmed some of it as well. It was pretty loud out front and there was not much bass in the center of the room.

20:00 We had some vegan food that was quite ok and some beers and we will start playing at 9 no matter how many people show up.. Everyone is in a really good mood.

21 There are about 10 people here, Steen, who used to come and film some of our shows in the old days. Very nice that he came out. He looked great. A few of Søren’s wife’s family or friends were here as well. Not many people, for sure the smallest crowd we have ever played for.

The first set was about 78mins and then we took a break. We played a 15min or so really long spacey number that never picked up. The next jam was like 35mins long with a very jazzy feel. The last piece was for sure the best of the set and a great jam. I was having some problems with the modular synth after making some wrong adjustments so need a break to sort this out. I guess we had a break for only like 15mins as Jiri was really wanted to get back to play.

The 2nd set was about 75mins long and we ended at 12:05. I am sure we could have played more but I think there were like 5 people, basically Steen, Sabine, Cosmic Michael, and the bar folks left…. We were more or less playing for ourselves. I had a blast and just hope the recording will sound good. It was great to play with Jonas from Agusa. He was very good to vary playing piano, organ and synth sounds and leads.. We played a lot of jazzy stuff. Just amazing musicians these guys..

Great night.