May 29th, 2014

8:30 All the guys (Jiri,Birk, Mogens) are meeting here at my place and we will our stuff in the van and then head out to the rehearsal rooms where Dragens Hule used to be and load the van properly. Jocke should be here from Sweden any time now.

8:50 We loading the van and are heading off to Horsens to pick up Nick and the PA that we need for the boat show in Hamburg tonight. The boat is so cool to play on. I think we are all excited about this. It is the same band as last year. The boat has been sold out for months as well. Beautiful weather today and we are listening to Steven Wilson- the Raven that refused to eat the Moon CD.

10:00 The Storbælt bridge to the island of Fyn is insight now. We have heard this Finnish band, Tulliteri, their new CD, which is not released yet. Quite intense.. We are now listening to this Texas Funk 1968-75 compilation and the mood is good..

11:00 We had a quick break outside Odense for coffee and breakfast and are off again. We are now listening to God says No by Monster Magnet. I think it is a very good record. One of the most 60’s inspired that the band ever did. Lots of organ.

11:40 We are now in Jylland about 40km from Horsens and then Nick is another 18km further out in the countryside. We have concluded that this is probably the worst sounding speakers we have ever had in a rented van. The sound is just awful, no matter what we try. We tried and did hear a little bit of the last OSC concert from Roskilde as well.

12:27 We are at Nicks place in the countryside. It is a very cool old 16 room mansion that 10 guys live in. They have a rehearsal room in the basement and like a small concert place in the main living room on the ground floor. Cool place but a bit of a mess. It will take some time to rearrange the van and pack but everyone is in a good mood.

1:06 Jiri is driving now and he drives faster than Jocke, which is good as we have to try to make up some time if we want some food at Sabine’s. Klaus will meet us so we do not get lost as it is quite difficult to find her place without a GPS, which we do not have. Now we are listening to the new Seun Kuti record. I think it is quite good. Very political but more diverse with some rapping, high life music, soul… Solid record.

2:25 We are still 140km from Hamburg. I help navigate. Jocke and Mogens are asleep. We head the Noetics first CD and the cool and crazy Austrian band, Go Bananas that we played with in Salzburg a couple of years ago.. We will be later than I had hoped but we are doing ok.

14;45 We just got gas (75€). A bit too long of a break as these guys all have to smoke all the time. Birk, Jocke and I don’t smoke but the other are addicted..

15:33 We are pretty close now and have been listening to this new Greek band called This is Nowhere. It is a pretty intense band released on Nasoni records. Maybe 15mins til we meet Klaus.

17:00 We arrived later than I had hoped but we quickly put our things in the house, greeted each other, had beer and Sabine had prepared some pasta and other nice food as well. We did not have too long to relax before we had to leave to drive to the boat, which takes about 45mins all the way through Hamburg to the harbour.

18:51 We are now setting up all the stuff on the boat. The weather is really nice and warm with a bit of a wind but I don’t think it will be too turbulent on the boat. Some of the fans are already here.

19:10 Shit! A major problem. Someone, most likely Nick, took Birk’s cymbals into the house. No idea why anyone would do that but he was setting up the drums and they are just not here. Jiri and Klaus had to drive back to the house, so this means they are not back before nearly 20:30 and we are supposed to set sail and play at 20:00… Damn….

20:10 The boat is packed with people but we are still waiting for the cymbals. It is a lot of the same people and the mood is really good. I think we found a good way to set up this year, which is nearly the same but Jiri moved to the other side. We have decided the boat will not take a break and we will just continue to sail around and play straight through til 23.

23:30 We had a great time and concert. Good energy, vibes, amazing views and fun people. Sadly, only the first 1hr 20mins was recorded as I totally forgot to erase the memory card. Damn… I am pretty sure we played about 80 more mins actually. This will be the most incomplete recording ever of OSC and it was all my fault. Fuck.. We had a nice time with the fans and signed some autographs and sold about 250€ in records, shirts, etc… Great crowd here in Hamburg and we will for sure do the boat again!

02:00 We finally are back and can go to sleep. The guys were hungry and went to some late night place and this took an hour.. Ugh.. Sabine and I just sat in the van wanted to go to sleep.. Great evening.

Set List:

The Lusty Currywurst Jam
Love at first Schnitzel
Souwohl Skib

Thanks to Sabine and Sapphire Records for putting on another amazing event on the boat....