Diary Session 114- Freak Valley Festival

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8:10 Sabine’s alarm went off at 7:30 and I was up at 7:45.. Too early.. It is a beautiful sunny day to start now. I will get some tea and a shower. I am pretty tired. We will have to get the others up in a bit as I really would like to arrive at Freak Valley by 17 in time to see Mothership. We don’t play until tomorrow, which is nice to have a day to relax, talk with the fans and the bands, etc.. Let’s see if we can get out of here by 10. I have my doubts and I think it will be hard to get some of these guys up.

9:27 Everyone is up now and in a good mood. We are listening to Pierre Bensusan, a brilliant French guitar player that I also like a lot. I heard My life in the Bush of Ghosts before this before anyone else was really up. I love that album.

10:50 It is really hard to get these guys going and it is an endless circle of one more cigarette and when one finishes another one starts seems we have been standing here for like 20mins.. I am pretty impatient now. I am sure we would save at least 2-3hrs everyday if there were no smokers. I am driving to start the day and choose Steamhammer to start things off. I love this old UK band.

13:15 We just had a 20min break and everyone is in a good mood. We have been listening to this Swiss band, Marblewood with members of Ginger. Great record they have made. We also heard Stoned Guitar by Human Instinct. Cool record also… I have been driving around 140km/hr and we have not had a lot of traffic so far, which is nice so we are making good time.

14:05 We are less than 2hrs away and heard the Norwegian band, Spidergawd. People were really into it. I also like the record a lot. Mogens is driving now and he turned the music off as the sound was so bad and it was hurting his ears. Jiri is trying to set up this phone with this portable speaker that Nick brought so he can play his guitar in the camp. It sounds better but not that good either. We are listening to Rival Sons. I am not such a big fan. Some great riffs and a good singer but their songs are just too mainstream somehow and there are way to few guitar solos. The want to be like Led Zeppelin but the guitar player is not in that league at all.

15:00 We are about an hour away, I guess. It has turned a bit cooler and cloudy now. We heard the Yum Yum tree by ozric tentacles and now some Dr John.

17:00 We are arrived in good time and the people are very professional so we had a safe place to park the van, wristbands, instructions about who to contact about what and then we were free to enjoy the festival for today… See my review for more details. http://writingaboutmusic.blogspot.dk/2014/06/freak-valley-festival-2014.html

May 31st

9:00 We had a great day and evening yesterday and saw a lot of cool band. I spoke a lot with Tim and Martin from Wo Fat. Nice guys and fans of ØSC, which is cool… Seems that our guitar player Nick got insanely drunk last night and was thrown out of the bar and was totally out of it. I had already gone to sleep so I missed all this. He is still out so I hope he will play well today as we are on early. It was freezing cold last night, down to like 3C.. I was able to barely keep warm so I and no one else slept that well in our small camp site. The Festival provided us with tents and sleep mattress.

12:00 Sabine and I set up our merch table. We got a very nice spot where you can see the stage from where we sit. All is well and Jiri is trying to get Nick cleaned up, some food, shower, so he can play in a few hours. He is not looking well after a very hard night.. I don’t think any of us had ever seen him like that. He had to get something out of his system..

14:00 We are soon playing and have all our gear in this little pre-tent and Mogens is setting up his synths, etc.. The mood is good and the weather quite nice. Nicklas from Papir will join us for the last song so he has his stuff here as well.

16:30 That went by way too fast and it was a bit of a mess. There is only 20mins between bands and this is way too short for us to get any kind of soundcheck. I had a lot of technical problems and noise from somewhere. Nick played amazing guitar and was totally inspired. I was so distracted with my problems, I could not really focus or enjoy this concert much and then it was over. I was not too happy that the stage manager actually got us to stop long before our real time was up as we only played 60mins and did not start much off when we were supposed to. We had 80mins.. Oh well. This was the biggest crowd we ever played to and they were into it. There was no band like us at all at the festival. We had a lot of nice comments after the show. I wonder what the recording will sound like. I think everyone had a great time,

20:00 We sold quite a lot of merch, maybe 500€ but if we had more live at Roadburn records we could have sold more but I did not bring enough.. Met so many cool people and lots of great bands played. Super well organized and they treat the bands very well with free food and beer for all the days as well as a place to sleep. Amazing. Thanks to Jens for inviting us. Hope we can play again one year. This is a great festival.

June 1st

I was not at all looking forward to the 1000km drive home. I really hoped we could get on the road early as Jocke and I have to work in the morning.

8:30 We actually hit the road pretty early but people are pretty tired. I don’t think anyone drank too much last night.

9:52 We just got some cheap shitty food at a roadside place.

11:22 We have been listening to Agusa and Grand Funk Railroad- Closer to Home. Cool stuff. I am still driving for now.

13:23 The traffic has been really terrible so far and it seems like we are going nowhere. Mogens took over driving for now. Seems like we have only gone like 60km in the last 2hrs., We are still at least another 1hr til Hamburg.. Ugh… People are hungry and when we get there we have to totally unpack and repack the van and put the PA back in etc… this will take some time,

15:16 We left Jiri in Hamburg so there is more room in the van and we packed it in such a way we can quickly get Nicks stuff out when we get to Horsens. It is about 3hrs or so and then to CPH. I guess we are not home before 22. Birk has a train at 23:05 he needs to catch.

15:45 We are totally lost now driving around in the countryside near Sabine’s trying to find the highway. We really need to get a GPS. We have agreed to use some of the OSC money to buy one now. This is wasting time… Damn.. We hear This is Nowhere again..

20:00 We are about 15km from Odense now.. Phew… My back is really killing me and I am lying down in the back seat now.. I just cannot handle all this sitting. We hear Col Claypools bucket ful of Bernie brains. Cool album…

22:45 We are finally back at my place. It will be pretty close if for Birk to make the train. We will see. It was a really fun two gigs and we did not lose any money this time with the fees covering almost all the costs. We had income of 900€ and expenses for 930€. Everyone had to pay for their own food though.

Set List:

The Freak Valley Jam 24:10
To all the high Flying Birds 15:54
Band Introductions 00:41
Jam in dee 20:58