Session 115- Woodstock, Christiania Friday June 27th, 2014

14:00 I arrived home from work and Sabine and Nick were here already and Mats was due to arrive any minute now. I am doing ok but am a bit tired.

14:30 Jiri and Martin arrive with the van and Mats is here from Sweden as well, so we all load the van and they will take the gear to Christiania and Mats, Sabine and I will take the train.

15:00 We are now at Christiania and we will play on this sort of covered porch in front of the bar. It is a bit small but it will work. Nick said that Anders (Sax player from the Univerzals) will also play, which is cool. The weather is cloudy but a nice temperature. Looks like the sun could come out. We will see.

15:40 Things go very slowly as people sit around and chat with friends and do not really set up. Martin was quite slow to set up his drum kit and no one wanted to do anything before he was done, which is delaying us. I guess we start 16:30-45 at the earliest now. Still no PA or mixer out yet.

16:07 Still no PA up and running. Mats and I are all set up now and have electricity at least. I am missing my cables from Freak Valley to connect to my mixer. Damn…. Anders has arrived. Quite a few of my friends are here now.. Nice…

18:35 We played about a 100 min first set to a strange but cool crowd. Jens, tom, Poontang, Christina, Ole, Erik, Freddy, Anders and some folks from my work are here as well. Cool. The sun came out and Anders played some nice sax but the sound mix was all over the place and Mats was way too low and we could not hear Nick at all on our side of the stage. Mogens was way too loud on our side of the PA and he said the same about me… NO idea what the recording will sound like. Some cool music.

21:30 We played a nearly 2hrs and 15min 2nd set with a lot of reggae.. They did not make us stop. I think we could have played some more but I was really tired. We had played nearly 4 hrs! People were into it and that was fun. The monotron delay works great for these long reggae tracks. Lots of stoned people for sure here. We sold 2 cds and some vinyl records which was nice. They packed up the van and we went back to my place to wait.

23:00 Jiri, Martin and Nick arrived with the gear and we got a decent fee so we could cover the bridge for Mats, the train for Nick and the van expenses no problem. We will use the extra money for expenses getting to Burg Herzberg and for buying a GPS for the band.

Fun night… Let’s see how the recordings are..

This concert was 3hrs and 50mins.

Set I 98:22
Opening Madness 28:03
Woodstock Eastern Rejse 21:08
Get up and Go 25:51
The One to drive Jens Wild 23:18

Set II 132:14
Greenlandic Girls are Fun 34:25
Stoned and Flying 51:34
Strange Dancer on the Moon 46:13