Day 3

This day, we more or less all went our own way to see what ever bands we wanted to see. Jocke and Mats, the swedes tended to hang out together, while Birk was off to see the castle on the top of the hill where the festival was in the old days, Nick and his friends from Jylland who arrived, they all went into town for some food and booze. Sabine hung around a bit with Sue and I or at the Zappanale tent and tried to sell some of our records. I stopped by every few hours as well. You can see my full review of the festival at the link below but we saw Patti Smith and her band, Space Invaders, Crimson Projeckt. I was too blasted to stay up to see Big Elf at 01:00 or the reggae band Six Nation (but we heard them as we were sleeping or trying right next to the stage….)

Aug 2nd (day 3)

12:45 Tonight we will play, which is very exciting! Sue and I just had some mint tea and pizza again. There are a lot of cool bands today as well but not sure how much I will see as I really had to be well rested for our long set tonight starting at 23:15.. Peter Bursch’s Guittenkurs was really fun to see on the Freak stage, as he gave basic lessons to people sitting in the field. Funny… There were some good bands playing like Marblewood, Chromb!, Martin Barre from Jethro Tull, RPWL plying Pink Floyd..

I did manage to speak to Stefan from Colour Haze backstage for 15mins and that was so nice to see him. I wished him well and a great concert but sadly neither of us would get to see each other’s bands.

22:00 The entire band, we are all just hanging out and drinking some water and talking about the show. It has been really hot and draining today but everyone has been taking it easy and not partying today so we can give the best show possible.


Photos by Sabine.

03:00 We missed Billy Bragg, JJ Grey and Mofro, and Colour Haze as we had our own show to focus on. Coogans Bluff played a killer concert. Wow. What a great band and good warm up for us. They went 10 mins over time though and it was like 15 before they started to get their gear off the stage so we were pressed to start when we were not quite ready actually but it all worked out and we were flying pretty quickly. It was an amazing audience. We have never played to so many people and I think we did a great job. I am not sure how many pieces of music we played but I think we did 6 or 7 in the first set (the keys A-F) and then we took a short break and of course most people left. We all had to pee really badly but the break saw 70% of the people leave. The last set of about 50mins (up until 3am), there were still a few hundred people but not the like 2000 before Colour Haze (only about 25% seem to leave) started at 01:00… Amazing night.. one I will never forget.. There was a lot of people videotaping up front and taking pictures as well.. I should also say that Mats feel of the stage and smashed his head into the barrier (I did not see it) and had to get some medical attention so we played the first 20mins of the 2nd set without him. The doctors told him not to play more but he came back and played a killer solo right away.

Day 4 (Aug 3rd)

10:30 We got lucky and it was cloudy and not so hot today. It rained earlier in the morning. I guess I went to sleep around 4 after we finished at 03:00 and packed up the gear. Phew.. What a show.. I think we would have played longer if they let us but it is understandable, the sound people and stage crew are back to work at 10:30.. I got the audience to sing the sound guy (Thomas, 49) and main stage hand (Christoffer 30), happy birthday.. I think they appreciated that. Mats was doing ok today and cracking a lot of jokes.. Crazy guy.. We have a lot of fun with him..

Sue and I more or less just hung out at the Freak Stage so we could sell some merch and meet the fans.

Band watching the band from Columbia.... near the merch..

Well, that was the end of Burg Herzberg 2014…. One of my favourite outdoor festivals I have ever been to. For sure the best vibe…. No more Roskilde Festivals for me after this one.
I had a great time and met so many cool and nice people. Thanks to Sabine for selling most of the merchandise, taking great photos and shooting videos. We could not manage without you. Thanks to Elmar for inviting us to play, Freddy, Thomas and Christoffer for doing a great job helping us out at the Freak Stage and especially to all the great fans to came out and saw us play, bought our music, etc.. I pray I get to play this amazing festival again. I highly recommend this one to everyone.. Peace and Love…