Session 118- Truckstop Alaska, Göteborg, Sweden Jan 10th,. 2015

Jan 10th
10:00 Sabine and I are waiting for Mogens and Nicklas to come pick me up. There is a huge wind storm on its way and they will likely close the bridge between denmark and Sweden so we need to get on the way and across teh bridge. Sadly, there is not enough room in the car so Sabine has to take the train over and Jocke will pick her up and we will meet at Par's place as we will borrow his van.. This will be the 88th ØSC concert tonight. I hope that people make it out even with the bad weather.

10:40 I can see on the net they are already restricting weight sensitive vehicles on the bridge due to 20m/sec winds. No sign of Mogens yet.

11:20 We are on the way and Sabine is on the train. We are on the bridge. The car is totally packed. I can't move at all where I am. Wind is ok.

11:50 We are at Jocke's place and all is well so far. Making fine time. We are supposed to be there by 16.

12:33 The van is loaded and everyone is in a really good mood. It is really cold with the wind though. Nice to see Tobias, who we have not seen in a long time.

13 We are makign good time and Jocke is driving. We are listening to jams 15, 16 and 17 from the last ØSC studio session. People like it a lot. We talk a lot about the 10 year anniversary gig.

15:02 We have made a quick stop for some food and a pee. The weather has cleared up with a blue sky but it is super windy. We have been listening to L'ira del Bacanno. Cool album.. We should arrive about 16.

15:40 We are at the club now but no one is here yet. it is freezing cold out so we are all huddled in the van.

15:56 We are inside and setting up now. The staff and sound guy and Kalle all showed up right on time at 16, which was cool.. This is an amazingly cool club. So much cool art and the staff are awesome.. lots of snacks, juice, coffee, tea, whatever we need.. Cool backstage room and place where we will all sleep as well. It is cold inside the club. Phew.. Good place to set up the merch as well. Place holds about 500 people.

18:07 We are doing soundcheck now. Food will be at 19:30. The wind is insane outside. Hope people will still come out. Soundman Claudio is from Portugal and really cool and professional.

20:20 The food was great and we are all enjoying some beers. Soundcheck was great and we all had excellent sound in the end on the stage. the HD24 is all set up for multitracking the show as well. Solvi will be the first guest at the end of the first set and Tom will start the 2nd set. He won't be here until 10. We set up a separate amp for the guests. Still cold in the club.. We just realized we forgot the backdrop as it would have been perfect for this club.

21:30 About 20 people have arrived and Tom also, who said the trip here with this guitar and pedals was tough. He got blown over in the street by the wind! nice to see him... Cool guy.

00:10 The first set was really cool and intense and we played about 100 mins. Sadly the hard disc recorder stopped at 32mins and I restarted it but we missed 40mins in the middle of the set. The audience recording is missing the last few mins for some reason?? The jam with Solvi was crazy but really cool and such a radical change in dynamic compared with the jam before. Great set.. About 60 or more people now. Only 25 when we started at around 10:20.

02:00 Wow.. the 2nd set was a mind blower, especially the first jam with Tom. He did one with Nicklas and one with Tobias for a total of nearly one hour. Incredible. About 100 people paid, even on a crazy night like this where the trains and buses were not running. We sold about 2000SEK in merch which is cool. I had a great time and we all played great. No problem with the multitrack on the 2nd set... I had a great night. So cool to see some of my local friends like Anders, gabrille, Gustaf, and others...


Soundcheck 16.59
Storm blowing thru the Universe 26.52
Cosmic Debris Finder 21.31

who thought we woudl play that.. 38:08
The Rock and Roll man Jam 16:25 (w/Solvi)


Tom's heavy Trip 33.39
Truck stop alaska rocks! 22:36


Blowin around your Mogens 21:58
band introductions
jam for Claudio 12:16

The Players:

Mogens, Kalle, Dr Space, Nicklas, Tobias, Jocke

Special Guests: Tom Sutton, Solvi Silver