Session 120- Loppen, Christiania Feb 20th, 2015

9:00 I woke up pretty early but slept well. Johan arrived about 21:30 last night from Sweden and we hung out and had a beer until 22:30 or so. It is cloudy cold and a bit rainy and the same is expected for tomorrow. Hope people will still come out for the gig. The Loppen Facebook event says 220 people coming. We will see. If half come it will be ok but if only 50 show up, it will be so disappointing. We will see.

Eetu, the artist that did the Organic Earthly Flotation and Music for Pogonologist artwork arrived at 8:15 and I will go meet him at a café here pretty soon. He will have a small display and can sell some of his artwork.. I feel good and a bit excited about tonight.

14.10 Sabine has arrived from Hamburg and we are getting some things in order like the video camera, organizing the merch, etc.. I had a little lie down for 45mins which was good as it will be a long night. Eetu exchanged the original artwork for the Music for Pogonologists for some records, etc.. I am so grateful and it is amazing to see and own the original drawings. KiitosEetu!

16 We are at Loppen now. We loaded all the stuff in Johan’s car and Sabine, Eetu and Sue took the metro train. Nick, Jiri, Magnus and PIB are all here at the club now. Mood is great. Weather is crap though. Everything is getting a little wet..

17:42 Thesoundcheck was excellent and the way the gear is set up leaves a lot of space for the projections. Lars and his assistant are here now and getting all their computer stuff together. I am lying down backstage and resting my back and feet.

18:25 It is just me, Eetu and Johan back stage. Rasmus is here now with his farfisa and synth stuff. PIB is in a great mood and so excited.

19:30 We have had some nice food now and Sebbe, Ola and Markus (Sebbe’s friend) are here. Tobias, Mats and Jocke will come later by car. I am very full after the dinner and resting some more. The merch stand is in order and looks great. Thanks Sabine. We found a good place to film from as well. My daughter and Sue will arrive in about an hour or so.

20:22 The rest of the Swedes are here now. Mood is good and one case of beer has already been drunk! These people smoke so many cigs..ugh… Thomas also arrived and said Jesper and Stefan would for sure arrive.

21:15 Some people are starting to come in and the first 50 get a free DVD.. Hope they enjoy it..Sue and Clotho are here also. Just an observation..the Swedish band members except Tobias, all hang together and the Danes all hang out. I am mostly downstairs chilling out and not being that social as I have so much to focus on with playing 3 sets, organizing, making the audience and multitrack recording, etc..

00:00 The first set was about 75mins and it was pretty low energy and spacey. Sebbe was not happy with his guitar sound but did not put much effort into making the way he wanted either when he could have done that. He has sadly played not very inspiring and been more interested in the party the last many times so maybe this is it??? Both he and Mgnus played some pretty cool stuff for sure.. Place was really packed though, must be 200 people here including some from my work. Overall, the set 1 got a very nice response.

01:00 Wow. The second set with Stefan, Johan and Tobias on guitar was just amazing. PIB killed it on the drums and these guys were just incredible. I was totally blown away. People said the front of house sound was really great tonight. Cool…

04:00 We are finally home. The last set was also really high energy and there was still nearly 100 people for the last set which started around 01:45, I think. Nick was having some technical problems to start but then just kicked ass on the guitar. Very intense playing.Mogens was also on fire on the lead synth… Wow.. This set ended after 75mins around 03:00 but then when Nicklas and Christoffer from Papir left the stage, PIB got back on the drums and the rest of the guys played some spaced out stuff for like 15mins more…

The whole concert was around 4hrs of music. What a night.. People gave great feedback and I think we did a great job. I am very tired..must sleep… More reflections tomorrow..