OSC Germany-Holland May 2015

Thursday May 14th

9:35 I have my gear and merch ready and am waiting for Jocke to come from Malmö to arrive. Weather is awesome today but still a chill in the air. Today we drive to Hamburg and rest. Sabine and I will go to see Gov’t Mule tonight. Tomorrow we will drive to Tilburg. Nick is making his way directly from Hamburg by train. He has to bring all his things with him.

10:00Jocke and I are not out at the rehearsal room complex and waiting for the others. Jiri wrote an SMS and said they would be a bit late.

10:30 Jiri and Mogens are now trying to sort out how to pack the van with the PA for the boat in Hamburg and all our gear as well. We have a lot of space now but we will later have to put to more people in the van. Hope we can get out of here by 11.

11:04 We are on our way out of CPH now and listening to One Size fits all by Frank Zappa. Been a while since I heard this record. Everyone is in a really great mood and the weather is really nice. I am pretty sure we will lose money on this trip since we have a long drive to Holland. We will see.

12:03 We just had a little break and it is about 45mins to the ferry now. There are a lot of cars on the road. We did not book a time as we had originally thought until a few days ago we would go pick Nick up in Horsens. We are listening to Weird War- If you can’t beat em’ , bite em.. Cool CD..have not heard it in some years.

12:32 We have basically slowed down to nothing now. Damn. Huge cue for as far as the eye can see. We are listening to the Swedish band, Qoph now. Really awesome band. This is one of their CD singles so it only has 3 songs on it.

13:01 We just heard the very first Pothead CD-USA. This is really raw, punky, metallic and pretty aggressive. You can hear the roots of the band though.. We are about 15mins from the ferry it seems. I am hungry.

15:26 Shit..the last two hours has been hell. We hit a complete stop about 2km from the ferry and did not move for like 40mins. We are now in the cue and have paid for the ferry in lane 29. We are all quite hungry since we thought we would get lunch on the ferry at around 13.. We are listening to a new Croatian band called Lizard Exist. Everyone really likes it. Now there was a really strange far out thing as this bus of Swedish people stepped out of their tour bus and all started stretching, then dancing and then finally a guy assembled them all and they started singing Christian songs about the coming of Jesus..about 25 people… out in the middle of the lane while we all wait for the ferry. Totally far out…..it was a bit much after 20mins and I really wished we had a Venom or Slayer CD to crank up…

18:11 We are sitting in the van and getting ready to leave the ferry after we all finally got some food and beer. Damn..like 5hrs in the line. Unreal. We will be lucky to get to Hamburg in time for me make the Gov’t Mule concert on time at 21. We have heard the 3rd set of Johan’s mix from the 10 year anniversary show. Everyone thought it sounded great. Damn..my glasses broke and we will have to find somewhere to get them fixed in Hamburg.. need a very small screwedriver.

19:17 About 40mins more and we should be at Sabine’s according to the GPS…What a ling fucking day now..we have been listening to TaipuvaLuitosura 8. What a great record. People really liked it especially the first 3 songs and the last one. It has clouded up now and it looks like it will rain. I am only in shorts and sandals and it turns out I did not pack any pants..

19:50 Finally at Sabine’s! She has made Cannelonni. Jiri sat down and I expected an explosion of Beatles. You had to be there to understand… He is a big guy and sitting on this small square block stool that has Beatles album cover artwork on it..

00:30 The Gov’t Mule show was great and we got there just in time. See my review at the link..

Day 2

8:20 Sabine, Birk and Nick are up. It is overcast outside. I need a quick shower to wash the damn poison ivy off my legs (went through some bushes in shorts to pee on the way down yesterday). I can still feel it a bit but I did not itch it all so that is good. Hope we can get out of here by 10-11.

9:45 After a nice breakfast with rolls, cheese, ham or turkey and some coffee, tea and juice, we can repack the van after removing the PA. There is not a lot of extra space but we always manage.

11:15 We are early out of Hamburg now and on the highway towards Bremen. Still cloudy and we are listening to Magic Dirt by Radio Moscow. Cool record but sounds a lot like most of their other records. We should still get there by 16-17…

12.30 We had the first break. And heard Miles Davis- Dark magus CD 1. Very cool stuff. We also heard Seven that Spells- Acid Taking and Sweet Love Making, which is a crazy CD. Damn intense music.. The sun is out now.

13:15 I just got a call from Peter, a booker at Roskilde Festival asking us if we could play on Saturday July 4th on the Gloria stage at 01:00 in the morning… Wow.. I really never thought we would ever get invited to play this festival. I mean we are a band with no songs, no idea what we will play, just totally jamming. We do it good and in a high quality but still it is pretty experimental. Anyway, I told him we would check all our schedules and get back to him Monday. Everyone is pretty high from that phone call…

14:10 We just crossed into Holland now and have been listening to the 2nd set from our Loppen concert 2015 that Johan mixed. Sounds great.

14:53 Just had a small sandwich and some water. Looks like about 75mins to go.

16:45 We are now sitting outside the venue in Tilburg in the sun. Awesome weather. The bar does not open until 17 so we will start to load the stuff in then.

17:15 Very cool club and we have all the stuff out and I am soon putting up the backdrop, which will be a side Drop tonight… The sound lady is named Carmen and will be here at 18. Jurgen, the birthday boy, who we have come to play for is here. He has seen us several times in Holland and Denmark. His dad has helped to pay for us to come and play also. Very cool people.

19:40 Thesoundcheck was good and everyone was happy with the sound on the stage. Nick did not eat any of the Chinese take away that was provided but has been drinking beers . Only about 20 people here so far. Hope more will come. It is a free concert for the public.

21:45 The first set was really amazing. We started about 20:05. Great dynamics and both Nick and Jocke played great solos. The projections that Jurgen set up are not very bright as the lamp is quite weak on the projector so we turned down the lights but it makes it hard to shoot a video or take pictures now for Sabine.

12:30 What a great night. Place was pretty filled up with about 80 people I guess and they were totally into it. They did not want to leave when we stopped at 23:45, so Nick came up with a really cool heavy rock riff and we jammed on that for like 10mins… I think we played about 3hrs and 10mins…

We sold about 180€ in records and CDs..which was nice. The Dutch people, the venue people were all incredibly nice and great hospitality! Hope we can get back to Tilburg again in less than 5 years.

02:15 Took one hour for the guys to get some food after the gig so it is really late now. Damn..