Day 3

9:15 Only had about 7 hrs sleep or less and feel a bit tired. We had a great night last night. Still feels good today..hope the recordings came out well. Should take us about 6hrs to get back to Hamburg for the spaceboat tonight if we don’t hit any bad traffic.

12:34 We are getting some food at a truckstop now but still in Holland. Some have been sleeping but the mood is great.

14:40 We are about 75mins from Hamburg now and have been listening to Lizard Exist from Croatia, Funkadelic (sugar Shack 74), and the new live Space Debris live CD from 2012. People are pretty quiet after a late party and gig last night. I drove most of the way but now Jiri drives. He is a tailgater which is pretty stressing to be only one van length distance when you are going 120km/hr… The weather is cold and windy and it looks like rain..

19:30 We arrived in plenty of time to the port and found the place where we will load the boat. What am amazing boat..Way way bigger than the old one and very nice. A lot of people can fit on this boat. Capacity says 140 people with the outside part. We had some food, except Nick. The boat is called Hamburger Dereen, which means girl. We have not really soundchecked and are still figuring out the best way to arrange the band but we have a lot of room. People are coming on the boat now. A lot of the same people and faces. Everyone is looking forward to the trip… Weather is terrible though.

21:45..The sun came out just as we started to sail away. Very cool but it did go away after a while. We played some really cool music and people were into it for this first set. Having some issues with the sound. The people in the back are getting blasted by the synths in the PA yet you can really hear them very well in the audience. I had a good place for recording but when he opened the room a little it knocked my recorder off the ledge and the first part of the recording was lost. Damn…. Sabine was busy so the first part of the show was not video taped either. Someone was video taping though. We might be able to piece the show together as I only got 43mins of the first set which was nearly 1hr and 45mins long.

23.30 I am sitting outside and it was a great night. The boat trip is always so unique and this boat went to some places that we did not sail before on the other two trips. I should say that the ending piece of the concert was really awesome the way we timed the track to end just as we landed at the pier after 3hrs of sailing. Very cool…. Met a lot of cool people and a guy named Tom (American) asked about us playing a gig after the boat next year or another gig. We will be in contact. Great time. I got the complete 2nd set recorded and we had moved the PA closer to the front. Thanks once again to Sabine for arranging the Spaceboat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 4

The trip home was uneventful but in order to avoid being stuck in the long cue at Puttgarden we decided to drive over Jylland and Fyn to get back to Copenhagen. We arrived about 17 or so…. Another fun OSC trip and gigs… So nice to meet our fans and the band is playing really awesome these days…