Session 124- Woodstock, Christiania June 25th, 2015

10:30 I had trouble getting a hold of Claus Bøhling since he agreed to play with us last weekend but I finally reached him and he would for sure come and play but did not want to bring his amplifier and wanted to talk to Jiri about what amps were possible. They would work it out.

13:35 All the gear and Merch was picked up by Jiri and Sabine and I have gone through more of the Black Tomato vinyls.

15:15 We have arrived and Jiri is setting up the PA and Martin is setting up the drums but no one else is here yet. I will set up my stuff in the same place as last year… We will put-up the backdrop as well.

15:55 Everyone is here and in a great mood and we are nearly set up with monitors and all this time. We have no idea what it will sound like. We set the microphones up close to the stage on a speaker stand. Should work. Synths might be a bit loud though.. Claus was supposed to play on my side but he says he always plays on the right of the drums. Always…. So we rearranged.. I fear the guitar players will have a heard time to hear each other.. We will see..

17:45.. We started a bit after 16 and stopped about 17:30 for a set break. We had quite some troubles with the sound but we worked it out more or less. Nick seems to be too low for everyone. Quite a large crowd and they were into it. Let’s see if they stay. Sabine and I are going for some food and will be back.

20:05 I am on the metro to go pick up my wife, Sue.. It was a fun show. We stopped about 19:30 due to the neighbours.. Anders, the sax player showed up at the last 15mins of the show and played.. That was a quite cool way to end this show. Claus was so happy to play with us. he enjoyed himself so much…

Set List:

Set 1 90:47
1. Cloudy Day 15:08
2. Woodstock Jam for Anders 15:07
3. Experimenting with Sound 8:57
4. Taking 00:56
5. Nick’s Idea 6:56
6. D is for Dorte 43:38

Set 2 96:13
1. Leave your inhibitions behind 23:58
2- Wonderful and strange people 31:31
3. Floating Sky Fruits 11:31
4. Introductions 2:02
5. Tomorrow always Blows 16:51
6. Wrap your Jazz around that! 10:16

The band on this day was: Claus Bøhling- Guitar, Nick- Guitar, Jiri- Bass, Dr Space- Synths, Mogens- Synths, Martin- Drums, Anders- Sax (last track only)