Session 125- Drone Bar, Copenhagen June 26th, 2015

Andreas, the booker from Drone has wanted us to play there for some time and it was time to agree. We had played at Woodstock the day before and had a really good time. No Claus today. Jocke was coming over from Sweden and this would be our warm up gig for Roskilde Festival next weekend.

Sue, Sabine, Jocke and I took the train and bus from my place and arrived about 19:30..The others had loaded the gear in and were having a cig in front of the club. Everyone was in a good mood and the weather was quite warm and partly cloudy. We had until 8:30 to soundcheck, so we needed to get going and set up.

21:00 Set up went well and we had a short soundcheck and then Lau (Fribyttedrømme) set up for his solo show with a couple of keyboards guitar and a lot of pedals.

22 Lau played a really cool set. I really liked it but only about 15-20 people bothered to come down to hear it. The 2nd long track he did was really awesome and had a looped guitar riff like Set the Control for the heart of the Sun. He had some keyboard drones, guitar loops and then he sang or read poetry from his book. I enjoyed it a lot.

24 We started just about 22 and played 90mins. IT was an intense show, with good energy and one long space section that I thought was really great. IT was LOUD… Drone is a basement with a bar in the middle. Not a very cool place but people were nice and into it. We shot some video but it will probably be very dark. I had asked that people do not smoke and this was respected which was really nice… I had a fun..

Set List: 90mins

Drive by Spooking
Drone Jam #3
Dancing Drone Girls
Dig it Dude!

The band on this day was: Jocke- Guitar, Nick- Guitar, Jiri- Bass, Dr Space- Synths, Mogens- Synths, Martin- Drums.