Session 126 Diary- Roskilde Festival, DK 2015

Went down to get our wristbands and see a few bands. Met up with Mogens, Nick and Kasper.

Tobias and Jocke dropped off their gear before going out to the festival and they will camp and enjoy the festival for a couple of days before the gig.

Sat July 4th
Waiting for Jiri to come and pick up the Swedes amps, guitars and pedals. It is very hot today around 28-30C… I am a bit tired but we will stay home and rest until around dinner.

Jiri and Mogens picked up all the gear and they will also not go out unit the evening Jiri had to drive the bus on the night shift last night so he needs some rest. Nick and Martin are apparently already out there. Hope they can stay fresh and sober..

16:16 We are on the train from the main station to Roskilde now. Lots of people going out to the festival for just this one day when Paul McCartney is playing tonight.

20:00 We saw a bit of a few bands like Sohoy Blues from Mali and Chelsea Wolfe but have mostly been resting and had a nice meal in the backstage. Sue was able to get in as well.

10:30 Paul McCartney is playing and he has a nice sound and great visuals but the volume is so low you can hardly enjoy it over the people talking around you… He played about 50% Beatles songs and 50% his own material and also a Hendrix song!

11:30 Nick is very very tired but everyone else seems pretty fresh and excited. We can set up soon as this crazy Selvhenter is finished. What a damn cool band.. Very intense all female free jazz noise stuff.


00:45 Sound check went very well and what an impressive stage and incredible visual projections by Lars and Philip (house guy)..

03:30 We finished about ten after 3. We could have played longer but there was no one left to play for. They had all left. Nick was very tired and played that way as well. He did not prepare himself the way we did and it showed. The music was really cool we played but it was all too smooth and laid back. We needed to be much more intense to keep the audience and after 45mins they were all leaving… The visuals were great… IN a way we blew it… We needed a drummer like PIB.. Martin is a great drummer but just way too laid back. It was still a blast and people said we were great but there was like 50 people left at 3 in a place that holds 1000…. very empty.

Recording sounds good and our video looks amazing…. Some cool stuff on youtube as well. Thanks to Peter and Kasper for inviting us..