ØSC Diary Session 127

Lau, Mogens, Jiri, Martin, Nick, Dr Space

This was our 7th time to play Kildemose and it was nice to get a place in the late afternoon instead of the beginning or the end of the night… although since they have two stages now, the late night position would be great… Next year! ha… Sue and I arrived on thursday so enjoyed two days of bands before the ØSC show.

Anyway, we had a new member join us for the first time… A really cool cat named Lau from the Danish band Fribyttedrømme. Nick had disappeared after the Univerzals set and small soundcheck so we just started off and he eventually showed up 10 mins into the show or so and played some really inspired guitar with Lau.. They really had some great melodies going on. Lau did not do many solos but played some great stuff and let Nick to the ripping lead guitars… I thought we played a very cool show but Mogens and Jiri were not satisfied and said the guitars were too loud…


1. Calling Nickolas Hill 15:43
2. This is the Man, Jan Dyrlund! 7:44
3. Talking shit 00:35
4. Speaking to Planets 13:51
5. Dodging Bullets 14_12
6. Drip Drop, Flip your Mop 14:53
7. Band Introductions 00:56
8. Back to the 60’ Trip again 6:16
9. Kildemose Jam 2015 10:35