Session 128
Melody Box, Stockholm, SE Nov 14th, 2015

10:00 We are leaving Malmö now and heading for Stockholm. Everything went very smoothly with the pick up in Mogens car, loading of the gear and merch and getting over to Jocke’s. We are all looking forward to play. This will be the release party for the Different Creatures record and 2/3 of the band that recorded it will reunite.

10:35 565km to Stockholm. GPS says we should arrive about 16. Not bad..

11:35 Making good progress despite the crap sound of the stereo. So awful you can almost not listen to bass or mid range, just high end and no way to really EQ.. awful…..

12:50 We stopped for some food and coffee near Jonkoping and are hearing my mixes of the new Måneskjold record. This is about the only thing that has sounded decent on this stereo…

16:20 We arrived and this is a cool little club in a residential area on this skåne side of Stockholm, so we did not have to drive into the main part of Stockholm, which is nice.. None of the guys are here yet accept a few of the KungensMän guys. Nice people..

17:30 Since they are a big band of 8 and we are also going to be 8 we decided that we would not set up and soundcheck and then tear it all down. Too much work for everyone. We will just share most of the back line and get on with it. They plan to start at 21 and play about 50 mins. Some of the guys are here. Stian, Mathias, and Jonathan.

18:35 We had some bread and vegan soup. IT was good but not a lot of substance. I am sure people will be hungry later. I still have another sandwich that I brought from CPH.. Hasse is also here now and also Alex. KG will not come until 22 or so.

20 Soundcheck was great for KM and the sound guy, who I think might be from the Ukraine is great. Very attentive and professional. We have already sold some records to the KM people and staff.. Everyone is very impressed with the new record.. Phew….

22:00 KungensMän was excellent. Wow..they totally blew me away and it was really loud. Two guitars, drums, bass, synth and two percussion guys plus saxophone. They were insanely packed on the stage. They stared a bit late so this will push everything..

Fan with a nice vest!!!

1:53 We started to play about 22:45 and the first set was about 70mins and the first jam was really long. We could not really figure out how to stop it and the sound on the stage was not ideal yet.. No one could hear Mathias and mogens was blasting everyone in the monitors every now and then, he would be super loud… Anyway..the set was pretty cool and the place had about 80 people. Guys were dancing and totally into in the front. KungensMän guys as well. We were to take a short break so Stian could set up for the sitar but this ended up being like 20mins and most of the people left.. So the 2nd set we played to about 35 people and this was for sure the best part of the concert. We were really coming together now. Wish we had another set to play..

We sold a lot of Lps and shirts and a back patch! Met lots of cool people..nice to see love, sam and KG from Siena Root…

Music we heard in the van
KungensMän, Black Space Riders, James Legg, Rovo, La Compagnaliadigitale, Måneskjold, Ozric tentacles, ØSC, Foeljammers