Session 130
Vollsmose Kulturhus, Odense, DK
Jan 21st, 2016

This was the first gig of the year for ØSC…. it was a very cold night and the heat in the van was not that good. We got off at a really good time (15) so we could make the sound check at 16-18 and then go eat at a local Somali restaurant and then come back and play starting at 20… Well, this did not go well and there was an accident about 5km before Greve and we were stuck in traffic going basically no where for 1 and half hours! So we arrive really late.. I had a great time sitting in the front of the van talking with Claus Bøhling about his life in music.. He has amazing stories… two week tour with Capt Beefheart on the same night liner, playing a huge festival in france for 30,000 people, playing the Middle Earth club in London with Pink Floyd in 1967…. amazing stuff..

Anyway, we arrived, set up, sound checked, at the nice food, had a beer and hit the stage! There were 54 paid people and a bit over 60 in the end. We started right at 20 after a short introduction by Peter (not on the recording). The first set was really relaxed and spacey. Only rocking out for the last jam. our good friend Jan from Kildemose was in the hospital so we dedicated this show to him. Wish you well Jan..

We took about a 10min break and the guys went out to smoke and I started the set with some electronic improvisations that I thought was pretty cool and this lead into a super cool Hawkwind like jam. There is a great video on you tube of this jam! I dedicated this one to Lemmy.. This set really rocked. We played really well on this night and both guitar players were awesome… Mogens had a few really great solos as well. Jiri and martin are just rock solid, what can I say about the amazing rhythm section!

Great night and good way to start the year!