OSC Session 131- Athens, Greece Feb 14th 2016

9:00 We are sitting on the plane. Johan, Jenny, and I are in the same row. Jocke is to the left and Jonas and Mikael are in front of us. Not sure where Tobias and Tim are sitting. Most people on the plane are sleeping. The band on this gig will be most of the members of Agusa plus Jocke, Johan and myself. The people arranging the event, Yiannis (Sound Effect Records) and Emilios have been very cool. I have done three different email interviews and we will do a live interview later today. Weather is supposed to be 17C today, which is great.

We had a bit of an incident at the airport that we could not get the flight case out of the luggage carrier. It was totally stuck. Took three guys to get it out. It has all the records and Cds in it. Hope it comes back empty! We will see.

Agusa plays tonight and ØSC plays tomorrow. Automaton will open the show for ØSC and I will guest with them as I played on their last album. Should be fun. I am quite tired at the moment though as I have not been sleeping well. Too much on my mind..

Plan today is arrive, go to the apartment where we will stay, lunch at 14:30, venue at 17 for interviews and Agusasoundcheck. Show starts at 21 and ends at 24. There is supposed to be a dinner and party after the show. I am not sure that I want to go as it will be really late. We will see.

If the event loses money, we will have to pay some money out of our own pockets but so far it looks pretty promising.

14 We were picked up, luggage came through fine and all is well. Pretty warm outside despite being mostly cloudy and looks like it could rain possibly. The mood is good but people are a bit tired. The house where we are staying is 2mins walk from the Parthenon and Acropolis museum. Very cool.Tourist area but real central London.Lots of rooms and places for people to sleep. I have a room to myself but an extra space and not sure who will end up in here. Due to the problems with the farmers striking and blocking off roads in the city and the protests it is hard to get around the city. We will walk to eat at a resterauntnow as everyone is very hungry.

16:30 We had an amazing meal with octopus, squid, sardines, anchovies, bass, greek salad with feta and some other side dishes. The food was delicious and I am stuffed. There was also beer and water. We have been resting for a while. I laid down for 1hr but could not sleep. Tim was playing the Roland D-50 and there was a lot of noise going on. Nice to rest though. We will soon walk to the Venue Six Dogs, about 15-20mins since it is too difficult to drive there.
Johan and Jonas at the apartment

19 Sounds checks went well and the backstage is nice with lots of water, beers, spinach pies, cheese rolls (really good)…. No smoking back here as the club is terribly smokey and I worry about my lungs. The first band is still setting up and is doing a live video with 5 cameras and some visuals, etc..they sound very art-prog rock.

21 The first band will soon start and the place has a lot of people. Main room is totally packed. Yiannis said there were like 30 people on the guest list though so it is not as many tickets as he had hoped, so we will lose money on this night.

24 Methexis were pretty good and very nice people. Marillion meets Van der graaf generator like at times. Art work. I was upstairs most of the time to avoid the smoke. Spoke a lot with the drummer who schooled at the LA drum academy and lived in LA for 2 years. Nice guy. Agusa played a killer show. They were really focused and Mikael was a great leader on this night and they followed him very well. Great solos by everyone. I think they were very satisfied and people also liked it a lot. They filmed and multitrack mixed the show. I hope we fill the place. Met the Automaton guys last night and they were super cool. Met a lot of other friends and fans and the old singer from Purple Overdose, a Greek band that I really like.. I am tried and want to go back.

01:30 I am going to bed but there is a big party going on.

Day 2

8:15 I am up. Mikael snores like hell, thankfully I knocked myself out with drugs or I would have got no sleep. He snores on both sides.. Shit… I have the heater on in here but it looks like a nice day outside. I think the party was very late last night. I will take a shower soon. Water heater is turned on now. NO one is up yet but me…

I had a great morning out and got some breakfast and then I went to the Acropolis museum. 5€.A lot of history in that place, going back 2500 years.A lot of info about the Parthenon and Greek gods and history. I enjoyed it but you could not take pictures.

16 We did no do much today before heading over to Yiannis amazing Sound Effects Record store. If you like psychedelic rock and space rock, this is the best record store I have been to. He stocks all the records from all the underground psych-space-heavy labels in Europe in one store. No store in our area can even compare at all. This is what Kasper wanted to be like, with SkovenKælder but failed. We hung out at this place across the street and spoke to the locals and they gave us some weed and we had some beers and a lot of food. Pork, cheese, beef liver, anchovies, Greek salad, potatoes, etc..nice people.

20:45 IT took a long time to set up the Automaton backline gear before ØSC could sound check but that went well but Jonas was having a lot of issues with the Korg MS2000 and especially being able to hear himself. He managed to get a better pair of headphones but he said he struggles. I also played nearly the entire set with Automaton at the sound check except the space intro. This was good as I could experiment and get a feel for it. Everyone said is sounded great.. They were so much louder than we were. Vibe is great. I hope we get a lot of people.. The doors are still not open so it will all start a bit later. We need 140 paid to break even today. IT was 115 yesterday.

00:30 Wow..what a totally amazing night. We had a decent but smaller crowd than Friday. Agusa also sold nearly twice as much merch than we did. We sold 220€, I think. I signed a lot of autographs, which is always fun for the fans. I was very tired and exhausted after the gig as I was on stage for nearly 4 hrs yesterday if you include both soundchecks and the complete set with Automaton and ØSC. Automaton played about 45mins and ØSC 85 mins. It was a short and intense, high energy nearly punk rock at one time show. Tim was wanting to play fast all the time so we had very few slow and spacey parts. Mikael did a great job of trying to lead the pieces and dynamics. I think we played like 10-15min pieces not really long jams. We could have played longer but Mikael had actually had enough. They were tired from staying up all night, drinking a lot again today and smoking before the show so it was not so long but it was a great show. We have a very nice audience and soundboard recording.


Day 3

I am sitting on the plane with Tobias and Johan and talking music, etc..and reflecting on the weekend. It was a great time. Super people, the Greek people. Amazing hospitality, some of the best we have ever experienced when on tour. We were really taken great care of.. Thanks so much to Yiannis, Emilios, their wives, and all the people. We love you and hope we get a chance to play for you again before too long……..