Session 132- Stengade 30, CPH Feb 27th, 2016

Line up: Thor- Bass, Jiri- Bass, Mads- Saxophone, Mogens- Synthesizer, Martin- Drums, Jacob- Guitar, Dr Space- Modular Synth, Jacob- Guitar

This was a fund raising event for a new music festival on the island of Fyn in Svendborg. It is called Svendborg Sound Festival and it will take place the last weekend in August. There were 7 bands playing this night and we were the 5th band and started about midnight. IT was a bit chaotic on the stage with the sound and Jacob K was late and so we had already started the show when he arrived and he just squeezed on stage and set up and joined it. Great guitar player and he found his place right away even though he could not hear the other Jacob (from Syreregn) nearly at all. I was in the center and those monitors were great and I could hear everyone but had problems with hearing myself when it got really loud. Jacob from Syreregn played amazing stuff and was really on! Played great riffs and solos. It was cool with the saxophone as well.

I was not very happy with the short female sound lady as she could not see the band and did not respond to the changes we were asking to get the sound on stage. It is really difficult for us under this time pressure to play and not get a proper soundcheck. Anyway, people said the sound in the room was great so then maybe she did a good job for the people. Í have not heard the recording yet!

Anyway, we had a blast the people danced and screamed and it was pretty damn fun despite our problems. I had a laugh with the set list taking one I found on the stage from a previous band (Morgan Square) and saying this was the next song.
I did not get home til 3am.. We played about 80mins or so and so many people came up and said it was a great concert. The organizer, Aske was a super cool guy and a big fan. He bought a bunch of vinyls and invited us to play this festival in August, if we dont play in Las Vegas. We will see.

Fun night and everyone was so happy to play again. First time that Thor and Jacob (Syreregn) played with us and they were great!