Session 134

Northern Discomfort festival, Undgdomshuset, CPH
May 6th, 2016

Jonathan, Martin, Hasse, Stefan, Mogens, Dr Space, Jacob K, Tiago

This was a great show and a totally different music audience as Northern Discomfort is a doom-sludge festival with really heavy bands from all over Europe playing.

We were scheduled to play on the main stage at 01 in the morning. Most of us arrived around 22 and hung out. There were a few bands playing on each stage but I did not really see any of them. Just popped my head in for a min to see what the sound was like. Very good in all cases. The sound people know what they are doing in these rooms.. Great…

It took us a while to set up and there were a lot of problems getting Hasse a bass but it worked out in the end and we were really a bit late to start the doom drone in C.. This was a super cool floating jam and then we did whatever we wanted. Tiago, a Portuguese friend of mine from the band Dreich, came up and did some improvised vocals in the death style. It was not what I had really wanted or expected but it sure gave everyone a shock.. He did not push it too much. I had hoped for something more subtle, evil… spacey…. not so intense.. Anyway, that was an experiment.

Stefan seem to be the musical leader tonight and whom everyone was following and watching. He had a new 2001 Gibson Les Paul 58 sunburst copy and this was the first gig with it so he was really inspired… He played amazing and this pulled very one else along as well.

I had a great time and the audience was into it as well and we had great comments from the crowd and I think the band felt it was a great gig also but very late. We were home first at after 4 in the morning..