May 20th

I have prepared all of my gear, the merch, personal belongings (clothes, sleeping bag, pillow, etc..) and the hard disc recorder. It is a lot of stuff but we have a huge van. It is really difficult to know how much we will sell on the tour? It would really suck if we got to Switzerland and had nothing to sell???

This is the 4th year in a row we will play the Spaceboat in Hamburg. We are all excited about it and Jonathan will join us for the first time and play violin, guitar and Theremin. This will give us a new dimension and sound. The rest of the band is the same as it has been for the last 4 years for the May Hamburg boat tour.

We will play many places we have never been on this tour, which is really good. The traffic always sucks in Germany but have some good music to listen to in the van and everyone gets on well.

Jonathan arrived about 22:45 and was tired. We had a beer and called it a night.
Jiri will get the van tonight and be at my place about 9.

21st May

9:00 The guys showed up and we loaded the van and we were off in about 25mins. Everyone was in a great mood. Huge van, which is good as we have a ton of stuff.

10:46 We are listening to the Causa Sui- Summer Sessions Vol 1 and seem to be on time. The ferry leaves in one hour and we have to be there 15mins ahead of time. Only 22km to go so no problem at all… Weather is cloudy with a bit of sun here and there but 20C or so. Not bad.

The band on the tour is: Nick- Guitar, Jonathan- Guitar, Theremin, violin, Dr Space-Synths, Birk- Drums, Mogens- Synths, Jiri- Bass….. Going to be a fun tour. Spaceboat IV. We have a larger boat this year. A two story boat and we can sell 150 tickets. We have sold 135 as of two days ago. I hope we can sell it out. That would be amazing.

We have a lot of merch on this tour with the new record, new shirt, tote bag and I want to sell off all the old shirts for like 5€…. If you buy a shirt for regular price, get one of the old ones for 5€… See what Sabine says..

We arrived at Sabine´s about 14:30. Spent 1hr at the border shop and they bought some rum and I got two cases of water and one case of beer. It just took forever to get through the maze and 100s of Swedish people buying tons of booze. Crazy.. It is super cheap though…

16 We are about to leave for the boat and Sabine discovers we have a flat rear tire, fuck!!!! We spent almost an hour and in the end we could not change it with the spare and have to load our stuff into Klaus’s van, Rolf’s car and another friends of theirs that was helping us out with the boat. We arrived 30mins later than we had hoped and it was a tough carry to get the gear to the boat and we were a bit stressed. They had a PA on the boat but 30mins before the we were to play they tell us they don’t want us to use it because they think we will damage it. We finally convinced them it would be ok.. It was…

Boat left on time and the first set was cool after we got going but the sound levels were all over the place. Jiri was really loud, so no one could hear Nick. Jonathan was too low then Mogens was super high, for the rest of the gig and blowing us all away on our side. Everyone just sort of turned up. I recorded from right in front of me so no idea what the sound will be like. We played two sets of about 75mins each with a break in between. We sold a ton of merch yesterday. Incredible. Huge line to look and buy stuff.. See what the numbers are.. Thanks fans..... Hamburg is probably our best city in the world to play in!! Thanks to Sabine for her hard work selling and filming and taking pictures and setting up these cool shows.