May 22nd- Sunday

Amazing weather..
Ingo will come with a new van at 10 today. Then we reload and hit the road by 11 or so… Weather is great here but they say rainy in Tilburg…. Birk, Mogens, Jiri and I are up now.. also Sabine.. Coffee, breakfast, some showers…. I took a shower already…

14:22 We are stuck in traffic about 30mins outside of Bremen.. Hardly moving for 45mins. We stopped for an ice cream and a pee. We had a lot of troubles today. Ingo came with a new van about 10:30 and by the time we were all loaded and ready to go it was 11:15… then 5mins away I hit another car’s side mirror and cracked their mirror and broke ours as well. Fucking stupid.. My vision is really going, I feel… So we had to exchange some information and call Ingo and this delayed us some more and then the traffic in Germany just sucks. The van has no CD player, which is a real bummer so we have to listen to Mp3 files. We heard some really cool Bixiga 70. Cool Latin meets Afrobeat stuff. Great… Now we hear some Kungens Män.. Getting more and more cloudy but very warm, probably 25C and a bit stuffy..

We are supposed to start playing at 19 and arrive at 17 today but there is no way we will get there before 17:30-18 I guess.. We only want to stop one more time if we can so we are not too late. Every stop is like 20mins as they have to smoke two cigs usually…. We will see..

It was just about 18 when we arrived and they were all waiting for us and had just ordered the food. We were supposed to start at 19. I was so surprised but Walter was there!! Wow…. His wife had convinced him that he had to come and see us play. Thanks Esther… We did not have time to talk though as we really had to rush and set up and soundcheck. Carmen, the same sound lady as last year helped me to set up the hard disc recorder. We were so packed on the stage but it all went ok. We had the same chinese food as last year and there were about 20 people waiting around. Nick did not eat anything and the food disappeared and it was not saved for him.

We started about 19:30 and played a pretty cool first set. The opening jam was not that good but we really got into it and played some cool reggae and then some heavier stuff. The last jam of the 2nd set was killer. Walter really liked it a lot he said. He had not seen us since 2010, I guess and only part of the show. We took a break until about 21:30 and then started the 2nd set. This was one really long piece about 50mins long. Birk, Jiri and Jonathan started it off as a trio and then I joined and then nick and Mogens. What some strange and cool dynamics but a great jam. Jonathan and I had some fun trade offs on the violin and kaoscillator pad… We really had a lot of fun at the gig, laughing, joking around, etc.. Sabine filmed most but not the entire concert. It was a cool night. We played about 145mins, I think…

We got 205€ from the door, another 50 from Jürgen and we sold about 150€ in merch, not a bad night. I gave a few records to Walter and had a few mins to talk to him between the sets. He did not get to see the 2nd set. So great to see him.

It was pouring rain when the gig was over and not fun packing the van. I felt bad as Jiri was doing most of the work while some of the others were smoking and drinking and doing nothing. I needed to rest and have a beer. Amazing beers and cool staff at the Little Devil. A great bar to play. Thanks to Sabine for her hard work selling and filming and taking pictures.

We were all the way back to Jürgen and his dad’s place when Jiri realized he did not get any food and he turned around and we drove all the way back to town so they could buy some French fries and a pizza. It was about 1:15 by the time we got back. I went straight to bed but some of them stayed up drinking and smoking until 4 in the morning. They had these parakeets and they were loud, apparently really loud staring at dawn. I was upstairs and had earplugs in.