Day 3 (Tubingen)- May 23rd

I got up at 10, which was too late as we have about 6 hrs to get to Tubingen , a bit over 500kms. Of course it was pouring rain this morning and we were starving and needed to find a store, which we finally did in Best. Spent 34€ at Lidl for water, bread, cheese, hummus, etc…. nearly 12 by the time we really were on the way. The drive has felt really long today. We have been listening to Antibalas, QOTSA, Graveyard, the Golden Grass…. Some Mali desert blues stuff. I had a lie down in the bed at the back and now Jonathan is giving it a try. We are about 90mins away now. Doors open at 21 and we are supposed to play at 21:30-00…. Vegetarian food will be provided.

Everything went pretty smooth in the end but it took 2hrs to set set up and we arrived at 18:30…. Got very low on gas in the van as well today.. Put 20€ in. The venue is like a squat house with a cool bar and place for bands to play. 30 people live in the house in 21 rooms. They provided us with drinks, vegetarian food, beers, etc.. We have a couple of rooms to sleep in.

Doors opened at 21 and people were coming in constantly until we started to play. We spread out across the floor instead of using the small stage an I think this worked pretty well. I tried to find the best place to record. We will see. We could not do a multitrack as there were no mics on the guitar or bass. People said the sound was great. We played one set about 90mins and then took a break and there were like 200 people here. Crazy.. Then we played on crazy cool jam for like 40mins and another short 10min one as we were supposed to stop by 00:30…. We went a bit over. Audience was one of the best we ever played for. Mogens played a lot of trance techno like keyboard lines that really had the people dancing. I felt Jonathan played amazing guitar last night. Nick was tired and not nearly as good as the night before. Very fun and super cool concert and night... Thanks to Sabine for her hard work selling and filming and taking pictures. Thanks Ricky.. we had an amazing time.