Day 4 (Karlsruhe) May 24th

We sold about 300€ of mech and got 500€ from the door in Tubingen, which was super cool… There was a party going until 4:30 in the morning but I went to sleep at 01:20, I think.. Did not sleep well as Jonathan snores super loud….

I had a walk around the town and up to the castle from 11-12. It was raining lightly but not much… Beautiful town. Very nice.. It is about 1:45 and the guys are packing the van so it is time to go help out…

We arrived in great time but no one showed up for 45mins and the guys fell asleep. I had a beer and a walk around. Venue is huge and really cool. Thomas and Sofia are really cool people.

We had a relaxed set up and it went pretty ok but was slow. The guys in Trigon had to sit around for a long time and then would start later than planned because we took too long or the staff was slow to set up. We set up the multitrack, video and audience record from very good positions tonight. The visuals will be great.

Rainer from Trigon

The frozen pizza that was provided was the worst food we had ever had on a tour and not really very funny. Band was not happy about it at all. IT is only a little more effort to provide something like a big salad, pasta salad and bread, something. This was just crap food and no one was happy. Beer, water and coffee were provided as well and a nice back state. Steven the American sound man was very cool. He and Chris Cavanas, who Jonathan knows, have an improve kraut rock band called LA Sud.

Not many people when Trigon played. This old guy I call the Circle Man, who was up front going around in Circles was trippy…. Apparently he is a well known Hi fi speaker maker. Trigon played a good 60min set. A lot of intense guitar and bass playing. The new drummer is more rock than jazz but solid. The OSC guys were not interested at all so just hung outside and smoked and Jonathan was reading a book backstage. I liked them.

We started about 21:30 and the first set was 90mins, like all the other shows. I don’t know how we do that each night… The first track was a massive GOA trance space rock jam. Incredible.. Wow. It was hard to top that opening… the rest of the set was a bit normal.. The 2nd set the soundman said blew him away. Mid east Surf music he said. IT was one long 45mins jam… It was a fun show but not many people. Maybe 25 people in a place that holds 500….. Amazing visuals by Thomas…. We had a fun night but the shit food brought everyone down a bit.

We got 300€ (sorry for Thomas to lose some money) and we sold 120€ merch. We are almost all out of ØSC vinyl now. We really should have brought more. We will have nothing but shirts and CDs by the time we get to Switzerland. Damn…Thanks to Sabine for her hard work selling and filming and taking pictures.

Nice apartment to sleep in but no safe place to park the van so Mogens slept in the van.