May 25th (Weds- Heidelberg)

13:30 We are driving to Heidelberg now and going directly to the Floatspace that Michael, an OSC fan runs. I hope we can hit the isolation tanks!! He said so.. if we arrive in enough time. We are listening to a lot of Bob Marley in the van since we only have what is on people’s phones. The MP3 files wears out your ears after a while. Not always the best sound quality. Stuck in traffic now so we will not arrive until nearly 15 now. Hope we can still float..

We arrived out 14:40 to the Floatspace to meet Michael. Super cool guy and what a special place. Flotation center, modern music school upstairs and Dance school in the basement. I was the first to float for about 45mins and it was totally amazing…. Pitch black, floating in a large bathtub (can fit two people), water is a certain salt density and 35C… I was so relaxed.. It was cool. Mogens went next and then Jonathan but the water was too cold by then. He drained it out and Nick got to do it fresh. We just hung out at his place. The venue is 100m away in a industrial building with rehearsal rooms upstairs and different businesses in the bottom floor. Pretty cool place for a show but a lot of work to get the gear up there.

We all went over there about 17 or so. Buddha Senteza the hosts and band that would open had their stuff all set up so it was decided we just store our stuff in a room and when they finish they take it all away and we set up from scratch. They should start between 21 and 22, depending the crowd. Super cool guys but they are drinking and smoking joints all the time… We were wondering how they will manage to play???? Tom and the guys were super nice and we got on well with them. They had this small Chilean guy who plays guitar and 5 string electric violin who was really nice (sorry, I can't remember your name).

There was some nice vegan rice, coconut milk and different veggies like soup-stew but it was super salty, I could not eat it. The homemade bread was great and there was salami, smoked ham and five different kinds of cheese so plenty of other stuff to eat…… We had Warsteiner beer, nice… We did a shot of Barak, a peach flavored liquor with the guys…… I made a joke that Obama took a shot every time he killed an innocent family with a drone strike!!! Some got the humor in it and it was lost on others……

Buddha guys started to trickle out on the stage about 21:30 but did not start playing until nearly 22 or later… An older English gentleman named Keith, spent 2hrs setting up an old school light show with slide projectors (5), overhead projector for liquid lights and these colour wheels. He was the shit… awesome…. He will also video the entire show. I hope he writes me an email. I gave him a card. (his video is up on youtube...)
Buddha Senteza

Lights were cool and the place was pretty packed. I guess 100 people.. They played a cool hour long set and people like it… Very smokey in the place. I opened the window by the stage when they finished to get some air in.

It was about 00:00 when we started and we played one long set till about 01:50 and we needed a short break. The sound was so fucking loud on and off the stage; I think we must have blown peoples ears away… I have my doubts on how the recording will be. It sounded very harsh when I took out my ear plugs in the back of the room. We will see. Light show was cool. I think we played about 5-6 jams in the first set. The last one started really slow and spacey and slowly got more and more heavy. Very cool, only a tiny bit of reggae, which was good. We have been doing it too much on the tour.

The break ended with me, Jonathan and Birk making some far out stuff with violin, octave cat and drums.. the 2nd set was cut short when Birk’s drum stool broke and he had nothing to sit on. The Buddha guys were all in the backstage and not at the show anymore so when I asked for stool, no one was there so we just ended the show after about 40mins. Might be the longest show of the tour so far…. Fun night but it was 03:00 when we finished and 04:00 by the time we got to crash. I was super tired.. Since it was so successful, they gave us an extra 50€ so we got 350€.. I am beginning to feel that we work too hard for so little money and next tour we have to get 500€ per night or we just don’t do this. It is too hard for me. Or we can ask for 300€ but then we need a hostel at least. Proper accommodation with breakfast would be a step up. We give 200% for people and get so little money it hardly goes around sometimes. They get a lot and we get nothing for our hard work. Band gets paid 10€ a day… not much money…. Thanks Sabine, she also works hard for us...