Day 6 –Thurs May 26th- Nurnberg

14:35 we had a relaxing morning. I was up at 12 and Jonathan was the last up at 13. Mood was good and we had a enough food in the van for some bread, fruit, hummus, juice, etc… people are in a good mood. Michael made tea and you could make coffee upstairs if you could figure the machine out! Only 2 gigs left. We have to sort out a drum chair for Birk. Sunny and beautiful day and drive… We have to be there by 18. We will make it in plenty of time…

We arrived around 16 and the weather was amazing and the venue was in a cool art complex with several venues and art places. Very nice outdoor beer garden with a guy playing acoustic music. Good we started early.. Milli the sound guy was cool and so was all the staff. A cool punk rock place. We had a room upstairs to sleep and put our personal stuff. Setting up went pretty well and relaxed. Pretty crowded and hard to get people to play low so the overall soundcheck was short. They had nice beers and some excellent food and we could sit outside. Very nice…. All went pretty smoothly until the gig… We had a terrible time on stage. Their was just tons of bass frequencies and Mogens could not hear himself and my monitor was cutting in and out and super loud and low and it was driving me and Mogens crazy but the bass was killing us…. We tried to sort it out and it just ruined the first set.. We played all over the place and Mogens more or less stopped completely for the last 30mins. We played a 2nd set which was much better after we discovered it was Jiri all the time… Sorry Jiri, but it was your fault… He was just too high and the frequencies just swallowed the stage. Anyway.. the audience of about 60 loved the gig. Horst came from Würzberg and it was so nice to see and talk to him. It was our most interesting gig as far as what we tried and I also experimented a lot and had removed nearly all my cables from my modular and slowly built it back up over the show. We did the encore jam using the riff from Kick out the Jams but the MC5…. Thanks Nick.

Nothing seems to go right on this night. The audience recording shut off at 45mins. Sabine forgot to turn the mic on the video camera so that audio will be crap. We did get a complete multitrack recording though… 2hrs and 53mins with the break. We got 242€ from the door deal and sold 253€ from the merch. We are more or less sold out of ØSC vinyls unless we have one more box of Ode to a black hole, which we might…. Otherwise we only have the SRP releases. Thanks to Sabine for her hard work selling and filming and taking pictures.

It was about 02:00 when most of the guys went to sleep and about 01:30. The others guys partied and packed the van so we could just get up and eat and go.. Thanks guys. I need more rest than the other to do this kind of touring.