Session 146- Black Tornado Studios, Copenhagen Jan 15th, 2017

This will probably be the last recording session at the Black Tornado. I guess we are one of the bands that have recorded and put out the most records from Lar’s great studio. I will for sure miss recording there. Although we were just here last November, Gary Arce from Yawning Man was going to be in town and the band that has been the main live ØSC band for the last 5 years, has never actually been in the studio together so I invited them and Gary for a one day session, including Nicklas from Papir, as Gary wanted to play with him.

11:30 We were supposed to arrive at 11 but Jocke’s train from Malmo was late so we were a bit later. When we arrived, nearly everyone was there except for Gary. IT was good to see everyone. Nicklas has quite a large beard at the moment but it looks good on him. Drums were set up and they were working on the guitar amps and Jiri was getting his bass rig. Martin was going to use the drum kit that was there as it was all setup ad mic’d already.

14 Everything was set and the lines test. We were just about to start to play when Gary arrived, so we waited for him to set up with another amp before we had a few short jams so Lars could make sure everything was fine with all the channels, etc… Gary is totally unique guitar player. I have never seen anyone play like he does, mainly with 2 fingers and he uses no pick, only his thumb and finger. He has no formal training and does not know keys or anything. He just listens.

15:16 We just had 3 or 4 shortish jams with Gary and Nicklas (Papir) and Nicholas (Universals) – three guitars.. Very dreamy music. Not a lot of energy but very spacey. First time Jocke had played bass since Greece in Feb!

16:09 Gary sat out this next jam and afterwards said it reminded him of the Grateful Dead. Jiri had some bass problems so was not playing all the time. Probably not useable?

17:06 Jiri and Nicklas who sat out thought this was a really cool jam. Gary’s wife just arrived. Everyone is in a good mood but the music is very spaced out and dreamy and lacks energy. We need to break out of the dream loop!!

18:40 This was a pretty long jam with three guitars and for sure some really cool parts and Nicklas did a killer solo. Jiri was on the bass and it was a bit jazzy at times.

19:55 We had one last jam without Mogens (he had been quite sick this week and still not 100%). Jocke played the bass. I experimented a lot with the ARP odyssey on this one. Nick came and played guitar at the end.

Gary had a lot of far out stories about his neighbors and really entertained us. I think we had 7 jams. Let’s see how it sounds when we start to mix it…