Øresund Space Collective meets Black Moon Circle- Øra Studio, Trondheim, NO Nov 18th, 2017

This was an amazing evening. IT started off with a foto shoot at the BMC studio rehearsal place for the next BMC studio album but also for the potential releas of the stuff we would record in a few hours if it was any good. Next we were off to the studio, where Magnus and the house tech had set up all the gear for our jam session. Earlier in the day, we had moved the gear from the venue to the studio but had no time to set it up ourselves.

We arrived to start jamming around 18:30 or so and it took a while to get all together but by 20 we were having the first jam. We had a very cool line up. Simon and Tim on two drum kits, Hasse and Øyvin on bass, Vemund and Jonathan on guitar and Jonathan would also play violin on several jams. Finally, I play my modular synth and Magnus mainly played the Fender Rhodes but he also played the Obriheim OB-8 analog synth a few times. The last jam Tim played the Rhodes.

Sadly, the very first jam was not recorded when it was just Jonathan on guitar, hasse, myself, Tim and Simon. Øyvin and Vermund were not yet set up. The first real jam was a high energy space rock jam. Everyone was flying….

As I recall the 2nd one was more mellow and Jonathan switched to the violin. The 3rd jam was totally mindblowing! This one was a solid space rocker for 17-20mins and then slowly came down and the band entered into one of these super intense electronic soundscapes that could have been Hawkwind in 1971, with all the guitar players (bass and guitar) on the floor using their pedals and everyone making a super heavy spaced out sound and then after 3-5mins we exited this and went into a heavy doomy jam based on a super cool bass line that Hasse started up and the drummers followed.

Next, Peran wanted to play as well so they set up a small drum set for him with just a kick drum, high hat, snare and cymbal. He had a bicycle accident and can currently only use one hand for drumming! So now we had 3 drummers! The next jam was also very cool and we played stuff a lot like Grateful dead meets the Allman brothers. I loved this one.

Finally, the last jam we talked about doing some sort of funk or afrobeat, which we also talked about before the last one but it never went that way. Anyway, Tim played the Fender Rhodes in a pretty funky way. Interesting jam…

We had 5 jams ranging from 17mins to about 40mins in length. The vibe, the sound, everything was pretty damn cool. This was a great meeting of the musical muse of both bands, which I am so fortunate to play with. Sabine filmed and took pictures as well. Some of the same crew that filmed the show also came with 2 cameras and filmed. We will for sure be able to make something very cool out of this material and it was sounding great recording in one of Trondheim’s best studios. They have an old Neve desk from the 70s and great gear, mics, etc..

Short but very fun studio session. Once we decide on which jams we like, Magnus has agreed to mix it. Cool.