Space Jam 19, Carpet Knights Space Lounge, Malmö, Sweden Feb. 10th, 2006

Wow! Jam 19...and the first time we have jammed in Malmö since last May. Great to have Kaufmann back drumming and nice to play with Tobias, Jonas (Kaabel) and Göran (Drahk van Trip). This was an experimental night in some way as we recorded the whole session onto 8 track using a Fostex hard disc recorder. Anyway, I arrived at 17:15 at the Mantric Muse rehearsal room and without too much fucking around we were off to Netto to get beer and then to Sweden. The car was a little crowded and Michael had to have his bass head on his lap in the front seat but it is a short trip and we cruised through the customs without being stopped and drove straight to the Folket's Hus without getting lost! They were just setting up when we got there and this continued for many hours. We did not play any music before 21 as there were a lot of cables, microphones and 3 different mixers to get all set up. Kaufmann had like 11 microphones on his drum kit going into one mixer, that was then mixed down to 2 channels. The guitarist all went into another mixer and sadly were mixed together. I will explain later. JOnas (NOvation NOvaII), Ola (Nord MOdular and Laptop computer running lots of different soft synths), and myself with the NOrd Lead 2 all went into one mixer and then into 2 channels. The bass had its own channel as did Kasper's conga and djembe set up. THe sound on the multitrack is really great and you will get to hear it as well.


Anyway, as almost always happens, it was very difficult to find the right balance of guitar levels, which you will hear on the MD and multitrack recordings. During the first jam, Magnus was far too low and Tobias just right. After that Tobias turned down and Magnus turned up and it was the opposite now. IT was very loud as usual but we all had a great time. I had some problems with the mini-disc and missed a few pieces of music, when we were soundchecking, one 12 min jam with Göran from Drahk van Trip that dropped in and the very end of the session. We will see what the multitrack sounds like. It was great fun as always and everyone played pretty well. Michael played very cool bass lines and magnus really experimented with some tripped out sound as well as Ola, playing some synth that sounded like Magnus's glissando guitar! Check out Kaufmann's amazing drumming on Kaufmann's Space. Great night.....



Blue Nose Goes 8:22, Endless Noodles 2:53, Long road to Seattle 19:03, Space rocking in Malmo again! 13:18


Göran's Boogie 16:18, Electroknob Twister 2:22, Reaching for Space 11:25, Bent Finger 20:01


Cosmic Reggae 22:11, Jazz man eaten by Headbanger 18:38 (these two pieces were one long jam), Plutonium ORbit 12:49, Kaufmann's Space 6:20, Last Man Alive (fades) 12:56