Øresund Space Collective Session 23- Malmöfestivalen, Malmo, Sweden 8/21/06

This was our first gig ever in Sweden and at the most important summer festival in the south of Sweden. We were very honored and happy to get the chance to play. I met up with Magnus, Sonja, and Michael at about 16:30. We packed the car and Sonja and I drove over and Michael and Magnus took the bus and train to Sweden. We are not getting paid enough money to afford to rent a van so everyone has to take the train over (150DKK per person= $25) and Sonja and I drive my car (costs 470DKK= $80) to drive over the bridge, which is also not cheap! Anyway, we have no problems finding the place and Ola and Sebastian are already there waiting for us having a beer.

We check out the stage, the sound and light system, eat some food and go check out the band Dungen. We meet up with all our friends including the other members of the OSC (Tobias, Kaufmann, Jocke) who unfortuantely will not get to play with us as we have such a short set. Dungen are quite good as usual. THis was my 4th time to see them. Great and original guitar player. After Dungen, the rest are now showing up and everyone is in a great mood. We just hanging out and talk with our friends while we wait and listen to Reverend Vince Anderson from Brooklyn, NY. He plays pretty cool gospel blues and tells stories. He was very entertaining.

Anyway, 21:20, we hit the stage and were setting up the gear. It all went pretty smooth and we were sitting around talking. We only had a monitor and line check with Beatte, no real sound check. Anyway, I went and changed into my alien mask and orange jumpsuit and we hit the stage at 22 sharp, with some space sounds and then straight into a sort of folky riff in G by Sebastian. The first jam we were sort of finding our feet so to speak and trying to get the monitor sound right. I could hear everything except Magnus. It was not loud on the stage at all, which was really nice. I dedicated the first one to some young kid who was hanging out at the front when we soundchecked and wanted it a song dedicated to him, and then he was not even there. Ha... out sniffing glue... Anyway, the 60 mins went by really fast but it was a cool laid back set. I never felt like we reached any peak intensity but just played well. Very spacey synths.. Ola had a new Kaospad2 and played the Fender Rhodes a little bit,. This was the first time he had had that at a jam session in a long time, He could not hear it in the monitor though and never got it high enough that he played it quite little. The last jam was the best and we really had a cool groove going that we had to cut short.. damn.. Anyway, a great 60min set. Everyone we talked to really liked it as well. Sold a few CDs, one shirt and passed out a lot of flyers.

We hung out for an hour and then Sonja and I drove back while everyone else hung out to party in Malmö!



1. Who's Philip?

2. Occular Orgasm

3. Frogshoes

4. 4th Trip

5. Festival Jam