OSC- Session 25, "It's all about Delay" CD release Party, Aktivetetshuset, Malmö, Sweden 10/27/06

The band on this night: Dr. Space, Magnus, Ola, Mogens, Kasper, Søren, Sebastian, Michael, Jocke, Luz, Kaufmann

Everyone was in a very good mood when we met up between 16 and 17 to pack up the gear and the people to go over to Malmö. The night before Ola, Johnny (Transubstans) and I spent 3½ hrs putting all 950 of the 1000 double CDs and artwork into the clear DVD cases! Phew.. hard work but it turned out amazing. The sound and the look of the CD is just amazing. This is such a cool professional looking package. Everyone is very proud of making this CD. Anyway, around 17 we headed off to Malmö, it had been very heavy winds but it was calming down and the bridge, which was closed for a short while, was open.. We had no hassles and went straight to the unknown venue. It had a cool stage but a little small for us and Ola had to go on the floor but after many hours the sound was set up and the screen with the amazing projections by Emil and Jonas, the DJ equipment and Erik. Everything was set. We had some nice food and shitty beers (Slotts- awful stuff), joints and relaxed and waited and waited. We had a great merchandise table set up.... Anyway, a few of our Danish friends, Lene (aka Faxy), Tom and Peter showed up and a lot of our Swedish friends, Johnny, Göran, Miranda, Petter and some of this friends, etc... In the end about only 30 or so people. We started playing at 11:15 or so and had an amazing first set.. Wow... I was completely blown away with the music, grooves and intensity. Everything was just so good... Even though no one was dancing, only the people who know us were watching and the rest were in the smoking room. Oh yeah, I should mention this crazy fucking dog that wasrunning around. He was tripping out on my black light painted robe and trying to bite the small sleeves that hang off of it. He would fuck up our recording later on.

Set 1- 57 minutes

Dr. Space Leads the Astronauts 13:12, Armando Rapos Jam 9:02, Step Carefully 25:06, Otis's Hairy Space Rocket 10:52

Set 2- 79 minutes (20min lost when the dog jumped up and pulled the minijack out of the MD recorder..)

Alien Jam Session 14:06, Dreaming Cat Food 9:49, Glowing Sunburst 17:42, Band Intros 2:55, Fucked up Dog Funk 10:15, Zip Zip 7:45 (cuts off)

Set 3- 56 min

Long Road to Seattle 2- Stoned Mode Parts 1 18:45, Long Road to Seattle 2- Stoned Mode Parts 2 34:50

Erik was a great DJ playing super cool music, Colour Haze, Ole Lukkoye, Shpongle, Ozrics, Hidira Spacefolk, Baby Woodrose, just amazing stuff...

The 2nd set Jocke played the bass and Michael sat out (he played his ass off in the first set!). It was already like 1:45 when we started the 2nd set. I was really feeling tired and fatigued and the sound in this concrete place was really harsh on the ears even though place looked so nice with the projections and nice blacklight banners by Jonas, etc.. The people were just no into it, the unknown people and so few. I got no energy off the crowd like I do in the close up Dragens Hule, where people are always into it. Not here. Sound on stage was quite good for the first set but not as good for the 2nd and a disaster for the third, for which I played only the first few minutes and at the very end only.

Not sure we should have had a 3rd set, starting after 3 in the morning but we did and again, Jocke played the bass and kaufmann played the drums and Luz joined on percussion at the very end of the night. I was too tired to enjoy this but it seemed very spaced out. Mogens played very cool things but I could not hear anyting Ola played and the stage sound was awful when I was up there. I could hear nothing I played as they lowered the volume of the keyboards in the monitors and others had turned up, I think. Sebastian really poured his heart out in his playing this night and I love his new space echo.

Overall, hardly our best concert, except for visually. Visually, it was the best. As usual, we had our moments. Crummy crowd (Sold 4 cds)... Vivian, the organizer, bless her soul, is such a wonderful person, but even her with only promoting the gig one week ahead could not get any people through the door.