Øresund Space Jam 27- Black Tornado Studio 10-11/11-06
The Players: Dr. Space, Tobias, Magnus, Jocke, Michael, Søren, Mogens, Sebastian, Ola; Lars Lundholm

16:05 Henrik, Sebastian and I arrive at the Studio. Magnus had just SMS'd and they would be there with the gear from the gig the night before in 25 min.

16:30 They arrive and because Andy has the key, we are able to get in and start putting all the gear up and in the studio. People are in a great mood but a bit tired. We had already put all our gear up to the studio door on the 2nd floor. After we moved all the stuff in we wait until Søren gets his drums set up and then we set up the rest of the gear. See some of the video clips later when you can see how the process went. We enjoy a beer and a joint and the mood is very good. We come up with some good names for jams, but I won't tell you them now.

17:50 Lars is in a great mood and is working closley with Henrik Udd as they choose which microphones to use on the different instruments. We use this massive very expensive Blue Bottle microphone on the kick drum as well as a EV RE20. IT is all telefunken tube microphones on the guitars. This studio has a world class selection of microphones to use. Helps to get our amazing sound. The room is slowly coming together. I went around and made a list of all the gear we are using for the session this time:

Magnus- Paul Reed Smith guitar, EH Big Muff Pi, Fulltone Clyde Deluxe wah, Ross compressor, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Amdek phaser, Boss FV300L volume pedal, GT Trio preamp, TC Electronic G-force, Mesa/Boogie 50/50 Tube Power Amp, Mesa cabinets, Roland FC-200 midi controller.

Sebastian- Single Vox amp, Roland Space Echo, Dleay DM-2, Cry Baby Wah, Custom Fuzz Pedal, Electroharmonix Electric Mistress (Phaser), Fender Stratocaster

Mogens- Korg Karma, Roland JP8000, OSCar, Hammond Organ with Leslie Cabinet

Scott- NOrd Lead 2, Octave Cat SRM II

Ola- Fender Rhodes Piano, Nord Modular with Laptop Computer

Michael/Jocke- Fender P bass, T-Rex Bass Juice, EBS BassIQ envelope filter, EBS HD350 amp, Basslab cabinet.

Tobias- Fender Twin Reverb Cabinet, Evan's Super Echo, Turbo Distortion, Distortion DS-1, Custom Fuzz, TC Electronic Phaser, Line 6- Filter Modulator, Line 6 Delay Modular, TC Dual EQ, Whammy (Digitech), Volume pedal, Cry Baby Wah

Søren- DW Custom Kit

18:27 Mogens is pretty far along with setting up all his keyboards and the Mackie Mixer, Michael makes the next joint. Seems the mics on the drums are fine now. I hope we can play some music around 21!

19:08 Starting the line check for the drums. Still no Swedes yet! Everyone is doing great.

19:45 Swedes arrive and quickly set up and are doing great.

20:06 We ordered some pizzas and stuff and we have had two power blackouts in the recording room. Lars hunts it down to the new air conditioner that he has installed. Sure enough this was the problem. NO more black outs...

20:52 We have just had a food break and everyone is having a great time and waiting to play! Need to check the keyboard lines, get the synths into the PA and do a headphone check and we are ready to roll! I guess 1 more hour. Another joint is smoked and the first case of beer is almost gone now.

21:10 We are still working on the synth channels.

21:30 We are having a serious problem with the unit that syncs between all the channel inputs from the board and the computer to get the extra channels we need, Up to 28 or 29 channels now.

21:54 Still having problems. People are relaxed and quite tired but playing it cool. Smoke another joint and some people have some coffee now. Sebastian is asleep and Tobias is testing his gear. Control room is very warm but now we open the window (4-5C outside). Still problems but now he has exchanged it out to see if that fixes the problem.

22:37 Problem Solved! Back on track. My channels are all fine and the headphone sound is amazing! Ola is testing now.

23:18 More delays. Magnus and mogens spend 30 mins or more and have to give up trying to sync a delay unitl to the OScar. When will we start?? People are feeling really ready to play but when???

00:02 NOw we have to change the power supply to the PA, Shit... Ola is also having major headphone problems and the headphone control unit has to be switched out.

00:30 We finally are staring to jam.

1:20 We just had a pretty cool 45 min jam. The beginning was all just fucking around though but the end we had some monster grooves. This is some of the heaviest most stoned stuff we have done in some ways. People are not that stoned, I don't think. Maybe I am wrong? Henrik said the sound was great in the control room and all is functioning fine. I recorded a bit with the Edirol. We hear some of the jam and then decide we will jam some more!

1:50 People smoke another joint and are feeling really fine now. Mogens rolls his first clear joint. Not as easy as it looks... Ok.. Off we go..

2:35 Wow... we just had a totally amazing jam. 42:30 was recorded on the computer. Jocke played the bass on this jam. Holy Space War rock. It started with Lars on the drums and then later he did a very cool Hammond solo. Mogens almost did not play. Can't hear himself and too tiredd to be inspired. Problems with the headphones as well on the left side. The Hammond that ate Tobias.. possible title that comes up in our jokes.. I love it with all three of the guitar players.. Some Tribal Monster Ethno Trance was played. Very cool stuff. Ola was amazing..

3:35 Wow.. a new jam begins with Lars on the bass. Lars is the owner of the studio and with a few beers and a some puffs, he was really into what we were doing and wanted to be part of it... Anyway, Ola, Seb, Søren to start with and then Magnus and Mogens join in. I also play a bit as well at the end. Michael takes over the bass after Lars drops it and plays the drums after Søren stops. This last part of the jam was cool as I recall but not sure about the rest of it.. Perhaps 40min more recorded.

4:30 We go to sleep. Henrik, Seb, Jocke, and Tobias come to my place and Ola stays at Magnus's. See you tomorrow..

Day 2

10:55 I have been up for a bit now... some thoughts on the day. It seems like every session we have one guy has a bad time. First session it was Sebastian, last session it was Ola that had problems, now Mogen's is really having a bad time. Who will be next... Yesterday, we played some of our heaviest stuff ever and very tranced out. Wow.. Tobias was amazing on guitar and when he wouold lay down a killer solo, it just laid the lanuching pad for Magnus, who would explode into space as well. Mind blowing.. Can't wait to hear the rough mixes. I did not record that much from the recording room on the Edirol but today it is free for 3hrs of recording and I will record more. We shot about 30 mins of video of the setting up of the equipment, people sitting around, the control room, etc... should be fun. We should try to shoot some while we play before it gets dark.

14:55 Everyone showered and then Seb, Henrik and myself ate some chicken and potatoes, while Jocke and Tobias went for a burger. We had some coffee and bread this morning but needed something big before 10 more hours in the studio. People are feeling good but tired. They drank a lot more beers than I did as I have to drive the car at the end of the night! We go to the store and pick up bread, cheese, smoked trout, juice and milk and head back to the studio and Magnus's place where everyone else is waiting with coffee. We hang out for a bit and at 15:25 Lars is here to talk about the day and drink some coffee. He is in a great mood and they will work on fixing Mogen's problems straight away..

15:42 A round of beers goes out and Michael makes the first joints to get everyone in the mood. Mogen's problems are tricky as he does not like the headphones but the others can't handle the synths louder in the PA so what to do. Magnus is trying to help out as well so we can get this solved and start playing. They change the headphone controller, different headphones, new levels, etc...

16:15 Still not right for mogens, and more beers and joints. When will we fly again???

19:41 We just finished a long 62:47 jam session. Mogens is struggling and gave up again. We played some very moody stuff and also a long heavy groove. People liked it and all is fine except poor mogens is not doing well. He is tired, frustrated and this is a bummer. I miss his playing but luckly, Ola is filling the gap quite ok and playing a lot of cool Rhodes piano, which helps as Mogens has generally filled this role in the band. Anyway, more joints and beers and we hear some of the stuff. Wow..it sounds so fucking good. Lars and henrik are smiling in the control room, as they are enjoying it and doing a great job on the sound as well.

18:07 Søren, Michael, and Ola are starting to jam. The first jam has jocke, tobias, magnus, ola, scott and Søren, and mogens for a small while.

18:49 That was a mind blowing trance jam... WOW:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::... People are really happy with that jam, Pink Floydish to start then tranced out. We hear some of it and is sounds killer.. THis will be on the new CD for sure. Lars just got some food but people are not ready yet. More pizza tonight again?? Some more possible titles come up for some jams like Sweet Space Caroline, Space Chick Viking Cleaner, NOt enough Space chicks around... Can you tell there are a lot of single men in the band?? Only 2 our of 9 guys have girlfriends...... space rockers are just not that attractive.. our brains are somewhere else....

20:10 We just had a long jam (50 min)with only Magnus on guitar for most of it. Mogens is finally in and really playing well. Magnus laid down a killer E-bow solo that blew me away. Seb came and played for like 15mins. We had smoked some Budda's sister in the peace pipe before this jam. This was very inspiring for sure. People are really in a different happy mood at the moment.

20:30 We are ordering some food now and taking a long hr break or so. More beers and joints are passed around. Sound on the rough mixes is really great. Wow.. This is such an amazing fucking studio. There is Trouble in my Space Neighborhood. I have to say we played some super cool stuff in the jam we are listening to now. Not sure which one it is...

22:00 Magnus brings a bottle of Line Aquavit and more beers and joints. We had to buy another case of 30 beers as we bought 3 cases and drank them all.

22:52 Seb and I have dropped out of this jam but it is still going on Ola is playing guitar (first Magnus's then Sebs), Jocke on Bass, Magnus played some synths and Hammond before putting on his guitar, Mogens is on the Fender Rhodes piano. Finally Tobias decides to join in and this kicks it up a level and a heavy jam is staring. I run back into add some space!!!

I come out again and Tobias is now on the drums with just ola, jocke and mogens... Everyone else is too tired. This was very experimental and most of it not that good. People are just having fun now. I am totally exhausted.

23:05 Tired of playing music. I think I will put up some of the Ediorol recordings for people to hear...My feet are very sore. My overall feeling is pretty good. I don't think we had the same kind of peaks and Mogens was out of the picture for almost the whole first day and the start of today but we created a new sound as well with Tobias and just me and ola on synths. Sebastian, he gave it all on thursday and drank too much and had too little to give at the studio session. I don't think he ever really took off on his playing, which was sad as he is an amazing young guitarist and I am so proud he plays with us! Tobias was the star, the one that pushed us somehow.. Great...I played pretty well but Ola was stellar! We never got so tranced out before. Thanks.. and of course the bass players were top notch and Søren, last but not least, fucking brilliant... No other words.

We got a total of 6½ hrs recorded (85GB of data). I guess about 1½ hrs is just the tape running and not much is happening but still a lot to chose from!

00:11 All the gear is packed out of the studio and people are enjoying the last beer before Lars closes the place up. We have to clean up the place as another band comes tomorrow. A big party is going on downstairs so we are about to go down there for the 2½hrs it will take to transfer the data from Studio hard disc to the two we have, one for us and one for Henrik Udd, who will mix the pieces that we choose.

03:30 Finally home in bed... another great OSC session ends...

As you can see we have a lot of music to sort through...

CD1 73:32
CD2 74:54
CD3 62:47
CD4 40:53
CD5 63:13
CD6 41:19