Session 28- Carpet Knight's Space Lounge, Malmö, Sweden Jan 12th, 2007

Well, it looked like the jam session might not happen or we would have to try to scrap something together here in Copenhagen, when Kaufmann, the drummer, called Tobias and said the session was cancelled and he would not play. Kaufmann, was very frustrated because he wanted to be very prepared and he was himself and it woudl take like 3-4 car trips to move all the drums and recording gear to the Carpet Knights rehearsal space and when Tobias was going to be an hr late and then Inzect was going to be 1½ hrs late, he figured it would never work out. We would be getting such a late start and it just would not be good, so he pulled out.. Really too bad, as I had really wanted him to play with Stefan and for us to record. Well, I had to make the jam happen. Anyway, I got a call from Tobias about 17:20 as I was finishing eating and getting ready to call my daughter and then go pick up Stefan Krey from Gas Giant, who was going to jam with us for the first time ever. I was determined to play though and was not going to let the night end. I, in desperation called Susanne from Drahk von Trip to get Göran's phone number to see if he could play. Lucky, I got him before he left work and he said Yes.. Now at least we would have drums, bass, two guitars and synth. Ola, was in terrible agony with a stomach ache, so sadly, I was to be alone on the synths tonight. Whatever happened with Luz and Inzect, we don't know. I don't have Luz's number, Inzect, the one I had did not work and he did not answer the phone when Göran called. Who knows...

Anyway, I picked up Stefan about 18 and we headed off to get Michael at Christianshavn's Torv and we were off to Malmo about 18:30. Shitty weather, rainging and very windy. We were a bit worried the bridge might get closed later but it did not (but it was reduced speed 70km). We arrived just as Tobias was getting off his bike, so perfect. Everyone was in a great mood and Tobias had a mountain of pedals to sort through and Goran would arrive straight from work just before 20:00. I brought two cases of beer (we drank 1). Göran arrived and by 20:30 or so we had the first short test jam to test the sound for the recording. Damn, the guitars were fucking loud and I was getting blasted by all the sound sitting in the middle but atl least I could hear everything.

Jam 1 4:32

This is a super cool little jam and quite heavy!

Jam 2 31:59

I split this into two pieces and this also is quite cool with the guitar's battling out and Tobias trying out all his cool sounds. We took quite a long break here and people got stoned and drank beers and cigs...

Jam 3 50:37

This I split into 3 pieces and Stefan plays some super cool dreamy guitars (very tuned down) and this lays the ground for Tobias to really fly.

Jam 4 27:29

This jam was cut quite short and we were not sure it would even happen as Michael had developed a huge blister on his finger of his right hand so he could not play the bass optimally. But we all reach an amazing heavy peak at the end of this jam.. Phew.....

Jam 5 6:49

This is just a short fuck about piece with Stefan on guitar, Tobias on drums and me on Synth. NOt that interesting.


Chuck eats the Uranium 4:32, Guitars Battle in Space to consume the Synthesizer Player 20:35, Express Yourself 11:23, The End 6:49 (Jam 5)


Mood Swing 14:58, Let the Bird Fly 22:53, PsychoBriller 12:38, Entering the White Matter 8:58, Neurons Explode 18:22