Session 33- Mantric Muse Rehearsal Space Place, København May 3rd, 2007

Mantric Muse were rehearsing until 22:00 so I arrived just at 22 and PIB and all the MM guys were sitting around smoking cigs and having a beer. Everyone was in a good spirit and MM had just rehearsed for 3 hrs. Mogens was down in Dragens Hule but would be up in a few minutes. I set up my Octave Cat (no Nord Lead today!) and was ready. PIB brought all his own drums except the kick drum, he used sørens. IT is always interesting to play with some one new but PIB was quite psyched. While he was setting up I showed the others the draft of the digipack artwork for our next CD, The Black Tomato. People thought it was cool. Still needs some work but it is getting there.


Anyway, we started at about 22:45 and had 3 long jams for about 66 minutes. Everyone had a really good feeling about it, which was good. PIB is a good drummer, quite jazzy, more like Kaufmann than Søren in my opinion. Søren also played some accents and fills on the other drum kit in the room. Sound on the recording is very good except that there is some static a few times during the first 20 minutes or so. NO idea where that comes from as the recorder was sitting in the same place with no movement of recorder or mics... Mogens new NOrd Modular G2 keyboard sounds great. I am really getting into the CAT these days as well. Magnus and Michael play very cool stuff. A good short session. Enjoy...



PIB's first Time out 22:21, Mushrooooms 25:08, Anyone seen Carlos? 18:50