Session 36, Dragens Hule, København 8/24/07

The main band on this night was: Mogens, Dr. Space, Tobias, Stefan, Thomas, Jocke, Magnus, and PIB

The Guests: Lene, Henrik, Jason Beck?, Kasper,

The Black Tomato digipack CD arrived yesterday and it looks amazing. We are so happy... Toady started off difficult as Inzect, who had promised to provide the projector and come to the show tonight had decided to just blow us off and I did not find this out until 3:30 in the afternoon when I tracked him down at work (no answer to SMS or calls on his mobiel the whole week after saying last week he was coming..gave me a warning..). Anyway.. then he says he will get it and give it to the others who are coming over from Sweden and he blows us off again. Fuck off Inzect, we don't need people like you...... Anyway, Thomas saved the day and we borrowed one he had access to... phew...

17:15 I arrive at the Dragens Hule with all the merchandise (should not both as we never sell anything at these shows). We sold 6 cds last night.. nothing else. Also all the food I had made (Posole and salad and bread). Mogens was there and almost up with his gear and he helped me bring in all the stuff. Thomas and Stefan showed up soon after and were in a great mood. Stefan set up his stuff and Thomas and I went to get the projector. PIB was there when we got back and we all ate someof the food and this chile sausage that I brought that was killer hot.. They really liked the food a lot and we had some beers and then a soundcheck. Sound was really good.

18:45 Tobias calls and says Jocke can't get off work until 19. Cool..

19:15 Tobias calls and say they forgot the t-shirts and have to go back and get them. They were almost at the bridge. Glad he remembered.

20:15 Tobias arrives and sets up. We had already had a nice little soundcheck and Stefan gave me a gift CD, a song he made just for me. Fucking cool... Mogens and Kasper gave me a Leaf vapourizer.. wow.... GUf from Baby Woodrose was down as well and gave me the promo of the new Baby Woodrose and said I was the first one to get one as had just got them today. Thanks GUF:... Steen has also arrived now and set up the video camera.

22:00 Still very few people but we will start soon anyway.. NIce to see Tom, Jens, Anders, Nils, Martin, Lene, Morgan, Stojs, Palle, Guf, and Michael and Magnus from the OSC.

23:45 The first set was about 80 minutes and pretty amazing stuff was played. I felt really good about it. Both guitar players were flying and so were Mogens and I. PIB and Thomas played cool as well. The 30 people seem to really dig it as well and the visuals were awesome..

24:15 We start the 2nd set and I put on the horned mask with the alien mask (no pics from my camera).....This set was also about 80 minutes and really heavy and spaced at times. Lene from Cherry Overdrive/Fuzz Manta did some impårov vocals at the very end of the last jam. Wow.. Some more different quite drunk people have showed up (Ralph, Anders H,....). I was quite tired after this and was not sure we would play more but people really wanted to. The band was really high by this time as a lot of joints were smoked in this place.

2:15 The 3rd set began and Magnus was playing synths on Mogens set up and Thomas (passed out during the 2nd set) was back playing again. I only played a little bit and then Henrik from Suck a Bug played on my synth for a bit at the end (20 minutes). Pib stopped on drums and Tobias switched from guitar to drums for like 5 minutes and then some other guy came and played PIBs drums as well (Jason Beck?). A few parts were ok but a lot of it was a mess.... Magnus played some amazing stuff though.. He should join us only on synths sometime for sure.. Great musician...

3:50 I am packed up and say good night. Still 10 people, very stoned and drunk hanging about..

Set I- 79:50

I was supposed to show up today? 24:08, The Music Lives for You P1 22:02, The music lives for you P2 15:00, Dig that Funky Space 18:39

Set II- 81:25

The Heavy Stuff Begins 17:49, The Goo between your Toes 21:38, Happy Birthday and Band Intros 2:21, Bodily Disfunction- The Evil One 24:41, The Gas Escapes 14:53

Set III 74:16

The Last Step before the Edge 24:16, Dub Rub Tub 19:56, He jumped from the Top 22:25, The Orange Gecko got a way 7:37