OSC goes to Norway..first stop Oslo......

9:02 I am on the train from Copenhagen to Malmö to go pick up the van and the drummer (Kaufmann). Mogens and Thomas brought all their gear to my apartment last night and we will meet at my place at 10:30. I keep having these bad thoughts (and dreams or visions last night) that the van will be too small again. I pray it is the extra long version as we have a lot of gear with drums, bass and guitar amps, synths etc.. Everyone was in a great mood last night and really excited about the concerts. My friend Keith from Aural Innovations is joining us on the tour as a roadie... Too bad the guys in WE will not join us on this night. They are busy rehearsing like mad...They have a big year ahead of them next year with a worldwide release in January.

I am a bit worried about how many people will show up to the Oslo gig as it really seems that almost no promotion has been done at all besides a bit on the internet (but not on the club web site). We will see... Anekdoten played last week so I hope they promoted the show then. KG arrives on the train from Stockholm at 18:31 and Dave and his girlfriend will meet us at the club at 16:30, if we can make it by then, which I doubt as we won't leave denmark before 11:30 or 12 at this rate. Soundcheck is suppose to be at 18:30 and we are to play at 21 or 22.

10:00 Guy at the rental place will not rent me the car until Tobias comes down here as he is the one who made the car appointment. Kaufmann just called and he wants me to come pcik him up with his stuff and not to carry it to the car rental place.

11:00 Where the fuck did Kaufmann go??? Turns out he lives right around the corner from the car rental place and was too lazy to carry his stuff. Anyway.. he disappeared for 25 minutes and did not answer his phone.. I was getting very pissed off.... Then he suddenly appeared.. We then had to go get his drums.

12:00 We are just leaving Copenhagen now. An hour later than I had hoped we would leave and as suspected we got the Mercedes Benz 9 person van with only 1 meter of space behind the 3rd row of seats... Motherfuckers... we were suppose to get a VW Transporter 9 person extra long version. We won't deal with these people again. The van was too small and we could not take the bass cabinet and we had to use 1/3 or the 3rd row of seats so when Dave comes with his stuff and his girlfriend, we are going to be really packed in!

14:30 We are about 35km south of Göteborg and are having a break. I am driving between 130-140km/hr. All is going well. Mogens and Thomas are having a joint. Everyone is in a good mood. We have 4 cases of beer and one case of coke plus a lot of food as it is too expenseive in Norway to buy food for all the days and neither gig will provide food. Only some drinks and snacks..

18:45 We finally arrive at the venue, 2hrs later than we were suppose to. There was a lot of road construction in sweden and norway so this made some of the trip really slow. IT is terrible weather in Oslo, windy, cold and raining. Dave was at the club at 16:30 (when we were suppose to be) and the club did not even know there was a show tonight. No soundman either but Per-Hlege arrived and was able to arrange one. He was there before we arrived. Crazy..... We arrived in Oslo just in time to go straight to the train station and pcik up KG (of Siena Root).

21:00 We had a good soundcheck and had some sandwiches and food we had brought and are relaxing. Very few people. We will probably not play before 22.

01:00 Wow.. what a great gig.. I really had a great feeling about it and we really played well together. KG blew my mind with his killer melodic soloing and he and Dave really listened well to each other and were flying... Some killer grooves. We played one set about 75 minutes and another 45 min set. Only 29 paid people, so that was a bit disapppointing but Jon Lie, Tejre and a few others I knew were really enjoying the gig alot. Per-Helge also liked us and will invite us back next year so it was a success...

03:00 What a long day... we are finally at the youth hostel and can crash out until 9:00. It took us an hour driving around to find this hostel. what a mess.

Set I: Opening Mind Swirl 37:58, Per Hlege Jon Lie Jam 15:09, Turns your head Around 23:44
Set II: Moose Peace or was it Piss? 32:47 (Incomplete)

I will get the complete Moose Peace from Jon Lie who also recorded the show. My recording is incomplete.

Scott at an art gallery in Trondheim