Session 40, Loppen, Christiania, Denmark Friday Feb 22, 2008

The band line up on this night was: Mogens, Dr. Space, Sebastian, Stefan, Thomas, Luz Kaufmann, Johan. On the 3rd set, PIB played drums and Pär from Sgt. Sunshine played the bass.

14:30 I picked up Seb (Flowershowers) at his place in Østerbro and then we came back to my place to get my stuff. The Swedes were suppose come show up at 15:15 and we would go to Christiania. They called at 15 and were just leaing Malmo so we went straight to the venue as Seb needs as much time as he can get to setup.

15:20 Mogens arrives with his gear.

15:40 The Swedes arrive and I help to lead themthru the driving maze to the back of the club and we load in the gear. The people at the club are very cool and helpful. The sound guy in particular.

16:15 Stefan and Thomas arrive with their gear and we get it all loaded in. Magnus also arrives around this time as well.

17:05 We are getting close to doing a full soundcheck. Luz is the last one to get his stuff set up.

18:40 We finished the soundcheck. I recorded most of it and took a few photos. It went pretty well. Sound is great on the stage. A lot of beer drinking and joint smoking going on and the mood is great. The projections are going to be awesome. 3 projectors and 3 screens. A friend of Luz's has a really nice video camera and will film from the DJ booth.

19:30 We are getting some nice food. A vegitarian lasagna, salad and bread with avacado dip of sorts. Very nice. People are hungry and quite stoned. We will all go for a walk and some fresh air in Christiania after.

20:15 I just got back from a short walk with Johan, Thomas and Stefan and Michael (singer in Stefan's band SumoSun). They are hanging out in Nemoland. The weather is very windy and feels like a storm is in the air but it is mostly clear and you can see the full moon! Cold... People are hanging out in the backstage and rolling joints for later and in a really good mood. Ola is there as well. They will all go for a walk soon and I will set up the merchandise stand before the doors open at 21.

Backstage with Friends

23:30 Wow.. what a great 1st set. Quite a lot of people now. Over 100 and the visuals are amazing. Everyone was really happy with the stage sound. Hope the front sound was good as well. Sebastian and Stefan played really great melodic guitars and were really complimenting each other well. The last jam of this set was a mindblower... Set was about 70 mins.

Set I: Entering into Space 5:45, Interference 33:38, Band Intros 1:31, Circular Compartment 15:20, Pain Relief 16:23

12:00 We are about to start the 2nd set with Johan from First band from Outer Space replacing Seb.

1:15 Wow.. another great set and Stefan and Johan traded some killer lead guitar. Thomas and Kaufmann were grooving as well. This set was a little shorter. 63mins? The place really seemed filled up ok now and some girls were dancing. So great to see a lot of our friends, Jesper, Kai and Susan, John and Johnna, Torben and his friends, the people from Kildemose Festival, Stojs and Palle, Petter, Tom and Julie, Ola and Stine, Nils and Anders and more, as well as a lot of new faces... People I had not seen at our other shows. Tobias and Jocke and others had come from the Mars Volta show durng the beginning of the 2nd set.

Set II: Loppen Jam 23:48, He knows you did it 7:45, Flowershowers 35:22

2:30 We just finished the 3rd set. Par from Sgt. Sunshine (a little drunk) played the bass and PIB (lots of energy) took over th drums. THis was a very uptempo set with half the band playing high energy and half the band played a bit stoned and sleepy. I was really tired and not adding much to the soundscape. About half the people had left by the time we started at 1:35.

Set III: PIBs in the Chair 21:21, Bass Traps 17:42, Hold your Tongue 13:39

4:00 Home... it was an amazing night. I look foward to hearing the audio and seeing the video. We did 22 track recording from the soundboard but something appeared to be wrong and it was never tried to figure it out so it does not look promising at this time. I hope I am wrong. I could not look after this, the merchandise, my own audience recording, getting the band on stage, etc... it is just too much. Magnus did all the work with the Hard disc recorder and I am really grateful.