OSC Session 41- Bodoni, Malmö, Sweden 5/15/08

The Players on this night: Mogens, Dr.Space, Suzzane, Mats, Micke, Tobias,Stefan, Par, Kaufmann and Jocke.

16:30 I am sitting outside in the great weather waiting for Magnus to pick me up in his Volvo. He is getting Stefan and Mogens and their gear first and will get me last as I am on the way to the bridge to Sweden. We ahve borrowed my friend Michael's BroBizz, so going over the bridge is half price. Thanks Michael. I think it will be an interesting gig tonight with all these people we have not played that much with. I am still a little bummed out that we could not do the multitrack recording. We only have a door deal and will get 50kr for each paid person and one beer each at the bar and no food. That is Sweden for you. I hope at least 50 people show up..

My gear

17:00 We are suppose to be in Malmö at 18. Still no one. IT is normal for everyone to run late but it does put some stress on things and it is always easier if you have more time to set up and relax and not have to rush and set up. We see how it goes.. Quite a few people asking me what I am doing and I give someof them our flyers. I could probably sell alot of CDs just out the window as lots of people walk by here everyday on the way to the metro and the beach...

19:00 We are setting up now. Kaufmann was suppose to come at 16:30 and get his drum set up and he was not even there when we arrived at 18:10! He and Par had trouble getting a cab to bring the gear so they arrive at 18:30 or so. IT would have saved us a lot of time if he got here early but that is the way it goes. Kaufmann is almost always late but he is a great drummer so it is worth the wait! The stage is going to be very crowded. With three guitar sets ups and violin and 5 synthesizers. Looks really cool with all this gear. Luz would have had to be out on the floor and what we would have done for microphones I have not idea as their shitty 16 track mixer only has 13 working channels...

19:33 We had a few beers and a chat about how it should work and we agreed that having 3 guitars at once was too much so all the guitar players will shift around but we will start with Stefan and Tobias, our main men..

21.30 Soundcheck took a long time and we just got back from having some Indian food at a really cheap takeway place. Magnus and I had the vindeloo and Mogens and Stefan had the 3 course vegetarina one. Not sure what Kaufmann ordered. Very few people here. I guess like 15. We will start in 15 mins anyway. We want to play as much as possible.


11:15 The first set was amazing! We played 83 minutes and only 3 pieces of music. I dedicated the concert to Albert Hoffman, who died last week. Stefan was playing some really melodic and mindblowing guitar. Tobias played a few amazing solos as well. Par played the bass on this first set. Micke and Suzzane join in after the 2nd jam and play the very long 3rd one. Tobias takes a break.

Set I 82 mins

Albert Hoffman's Last Trip 33:32, Planet LSD25-746321 24:31, Band Introductions 00:50, Floating in Utopia 23:56


00:55 We played a really cool 2nd set as well. It had quite a different vibe and Mats played a really cool sitar guitar to start things off. Jocke was on the bass and Tobias started. Stefan, Micke and Suzzane will join after this first jam. I started the 2nd set off doing a spoken word piece. The Wizard blew ihs Horn. It did not work out that well. I think my vocal delivery was just to dry and boring. Oh well. I announced to the audience, (which was filling up the place now as it was going full blown reggae the second we stop playing and people could come in for free after midnight) that we would play a reggae dub thing but in the end we played something totally different, maybe the last few bars were dub like. The band totally blew me off. That was cool.... Great concert. We only sold 3 CDs and one DVD and there were only 26 paid people in the end. Pity.. they missed out on a great show. It surprises me that the 8 Swedish people who played tonight that are in 5 differnt bands that few of their fellow band mates and none of their friends or family come out to see them play... IT is not like they play all the time. IT is quite rare to see them play live. I don't get it...

I had a great time and think we played a killer show.. The lighting was cool and the sound seemed good. I think that both Stefan and Tobias are too low on the recording though. A few problems with the recording as well so I am glad that Stojs also recorded.

Set II 70:58

The Wizard blew his Horn 2:51, Indian Space Voyage 19:21, Forest Mysteries 30:17, Dub Imposter 18:28

Video from the 2nd set