Session 42, Kildemose Festival, Orbæk, Fyn, Dennmark


15:00 Keith Henderson, Chris (my nephew) and I took my car out on the friday with my gear and the hard disc recorder,. It took about 2hrs because of some traffic jam due to road construction to go the 140km) but we had no problem finding the place and arrived in time to set up the Hard disc recorder and our tents before the first band started at 18:00. The weather was really nice and about 200 people were there in total including all the bands. The rest of the OSC was arriving a bit later this evening.

Jocke-Tobias Mogens Stefan at the Bar PIB


Luz jamming with Some French Guys Man in the blue flower Suit

21:45 The rest of the OSC crew arrives and they are already pretty high and happy and it a great mood. WE have a really fun time on this night and see a wide range of music but the soundman really needs some help and they need to leave more time between bands and get the bands to stick more to the time as the night ended up going 3½ hrs over schedule and poor Causa Sui did not get to start playing until 3:45 in the morning (we would be in almost the same position the next night!). I only saw 1-2 songs (Luz from the OSC joined them) and had to go lay down as I was stll tired and suffering from jetlag from just arriving back from the USA the day before. Phew.. I heard their whole concert and it was awesome! For sure the best band of the first day. Such a great band.

Day 2

Slept maybe 3-4 hours at the most and was pretty damn tired but I had to get up and help with the Hard Disc recorder as Village Idiot would start at 13:00. They started 13:20, which was a bad sign as they were 3½ hrs late yesterday with only 6 bands and today there are 10 bands. Will we play at 6 in the morning to like 5 people? Well, not quite, we started playing at 3:30 in the monring and had a great show. I guess we played for about 35 people who were really into it and stayed the whole time and wanted us to keep playing but the soundman was falling asleep and really wanted us to stop playing. We played about 1hr and 45 mins. Unfortunately there is no audience recording of the show, but we do have a great 24 track (actually 15 tracks) recording and there is also a direct soundboard out recording which I have no idea what that will sound like. It will go up on It was a great and really fun time and we will play next year for sure on a more well organized day and have the full light show!

I loved this little festival and will try to get a lot more people to come to this cool place next year. Amazing location right on the grounds of a brewery with excellent ale. NIce time...