Session 44, A Space Rock Odyssey 2008
Uppsala, Sweden 8/30/08

Friday Aug 29th

8:50 I have loaded up the car to go over to Malmo and am just waiting for Mogens to arrive. I picked up all his gear last night and we should have plenty of space for PIBs stuff since I am not bringing the Octave Cat. Then we are off to Hertz in Malmo to meet Par.

10:15 We have just picked up the van and Par was waiting. All is smooth so far now off to Tobias's house to park my car and move the stuff into the van and then hit the road!

11:00 All is moved over and Par will do the first driving. We are on the road. IT is a beautiful sunny day and quite warm but windy. We are listening to Sonar from Hungary.

CD Playlist for the Car

Ozric Tentacles- Pryamidion
Half Man- Red Herring
OSC- Session 37 Steve Hayes mixes
Sonar- Celluloid
Antibalas- Security
Pothead- Learn to Hypnotize
Vibravoid- Void Vibration
Frank Zappa- Apostrophe
First band from outer Space- Maggot Jam (Session with Dr. Space from May 2008)
The SPacious MInd- Gentle Mind Path
Trad Gras och Stenar
Korai Orom- 1996
Causa Sui- Free Ride
OSC- Kildemose Festival 2008 multtrack mix

12:30 We are making great time and just taking a break. The speakers in the van are terrible so this makesthe music not as pleasant.

Cool mushrooms where we made a pit stop!

16:15 We are doing really fine time wise. Mogens and PIB slept for a while. We heard the OSC 37 mixes, Pothead, Frank Zappa. We are only about 15 mins from Stockholm. Par is driving. Nice that I don't have to do all the driving.

17:15 We are in Stockholm now. Traffic was a nightmare. We are dropping Par off to visit some friends in Stockholm and he will come up to Uppsala tomorrow. He says he is going to get drunk tonight as he plays better with a hangover! We have come up with some potential song titles: Alien Hand Syndrome, Dick Hertz, No smoking yur pets

20:00 Unreal traffic between Stockholm andUppsala. I had to pee so bad that I almost was going to pee out the door of the van while driving but luckily the traffic broke and we could get to a rest stop. Took 2 hrs from Stockholm toUppsala and it is only like 75 km. Fuck... Anyway, we have arrived at Christians in a little town like 30 km from Uppsala. A beautiful place right on the lake!

The place we are staying has a lot of cool instruments. Guitars, lap steel, synths, Korg Kaossilator (I play around with this and I need one of these. very cool). I am pretty sure that I will sleep outside in the forest next to this lake as if we sleep in this little house the band, Mass of the Sun are going to arrive at 5:30 in the morning to rehearse!

23:00 A nice jam session with PIB and MOgens playing guitar and keyboard. SOme of the band are here and Christian from Mass of the Sun's sister as well. They all leave soon.

24:00 I crash outin the forest.

August 30th

9:15 I am up but Christian got me up at 6:40 to move the van. I had ear plugs but I could still hear the band play this morning. Seems they did not play long. I did not sleep all the well but some was very deep. Fresh air out here. It is a beautiful day outside. Wow...

9:54 We are just hanging out. Guys from Mass of the SUn had to come back and get some extension cords and mattresses for later.

12:45 We arrived at the venue and dropped off thegear and are sitting outside at a nice cafe and having some food. They are running behind and the concert will not start on time, this is for sure!

13:30 The first band, Porcelain are still soundchecking. and not very many people have arrived considering it was suppose to start at 13:00. Maybe 10 people? I just hope it does not get delayed like KIldemose Festival.

14:05 Porcelain from FInland starts the show. They start off with what is like a jam and then it gest quite heavy. Great band. Do a cover of the Swedish band, 30 Years War.

20:00 I jammed with First Band from Outer Space for a really intense concert with only 3 songs-jams in an hour. The crowd was totally into it. It was great fun as well even though I did not know the first two new songs at all.

23:00 We went down really well with the crowd and many said we were the best band. I hope so. I had a lot of technical problems with distortion on my channels which I did not have when I played with FBFOS and we just moved my position from where I was playing and not the gear at all. The line boxes were changed. Pity.... Crowd said the distortion on my stuff sounded cool and it sounds okk on the audience but not on the multitrack recording.

Anyway,... that is all I can say now. We had an amazing time at this great festival. A real pity more people did not turn out. Maybe 250?