Session 50, Dragens Hule, København April 9th, 2009

The players on this night: Nick- Guitar, Magnus- Guitar, Mogens- Synths, Dr. Space- Synths, Kasper congas, PIB- Drums, Michale- Bass

18:30 I arrive at the rehearsal room complex and take my gear up to the Mantric Muse rehearsal room. Janis is there. He goes ouot for a walk and I am just hanging out and hearing the Hyvinkää concert on the PA while I wait for the others to arrive. Michael should be here soon and Mogens, Nick and Magnus will be here around 20 and we will figure out what to do. I met the guys in Highway Child and had a chat with them. They have been jamming and drinking all day and were quite happy. They gave me a copy of their CD to review. They will also play at Kildemose this year! Cool. Really nice people.

19:20 Met with PIB and he is doing fine and excited to play some more space rock. The weather is beautiful as I sit in the window here and have a beer with the music cranked up. Magnus's new marshall set up looks awesome.. See the pic in the diary.

19:50 Michael is here. He is in a good mood. It has been since last October that he has played bass with a band. Magnus has just come in as well.

21:20 We are mostly set up now. I only have the Octave Cat and the Kaossilator Pad today since I have to bring all my gear in the christiania bike. A couple of Nick's friends are here (Lasse and his wife). Janis and Sonja are also here and there. A few others will pop in over the night for sure. Seems that one of the speakers in Michael's bass cabinet was blown out at the last OSC gig in October and we will have to pay to replace this speaker. He is playing direct into the PA. SOunds good.

22:35 After many many joints, we finally did have a jam and it was pretty amazing stuff but damn loud. Mogens is still having a lot of trouble with his sound. I think magnus will be too loud and Nick a little too low in the mix but let's see. Some very cool stuff for sure. The jam was just about 59 minutes.

00:15 We had another about an horu loing jam and this was also awesome. NIck shot right out and played this killer guitar solo (see sessions page) but is sadly too low but you can hear it. Wow. Lots of cool stuff. Nick is leaving but I think we will have one more jam after some more beers and joints.

02:30 People were really stoned in this last jam but I really liked some of what we played. Space out to the max! My ears are wasted though. It has been a loud night and now I have to pack all my stuff and ride back home. Phew.....

We have to have more of these jam sessions.... It was a blast....

Jam 1 59:55

50 What? 10:55, Adjusting the SOund 5:19, moon Shine 9:38, Stones Fly 21:26, Maybe we did it 12:35

Jam 2 50:35

Nick Rips! 6:07, To another part of the Globe 20:40, We found the Space 12:20, More acid anyone? 11:25

Jam 3 55:50

Spaceheads Return 17:58, Flying thru Smoke Rings 22:09, Jam 50 is Over 15:22