Session 51- Dragens Hule, København 5/2/09

The Players: PIB, Mogens, Johan, Magnus, Dr. Space, Søren, Michael, Kasper

Johan from FBFOS was visiting this weekend and today is is 38th birthday. We arrived around 18:30. Magnus came and picked us up in his car and we later would take a cab back home, since I no longer have a car. Mogens he arrived just 5 mins after we did and PIB and Søren, a young bass player, who plays with PIB, was already in the building as well. Michael was suppose to come at 19 but did not show up until almost 20 and we had to wait for him as he had the key to the mantric Muse rehearsal room and we could not get Magnus’s guitar stuff. It was slow going so lots of beers and joints were consumed and people were in a great mood. The weather was fantastic outside but a bit cool. A real chill in the air.

I am happy that we are just getting together and jamming. I hope that we can create some magic today!

20:15 We are getting all set up now and I forgot one of my power convertors so I can only play either the Octave Cat or the Yamaha CS-10 but not both. I also have the Kaossilator. I need to play around with this more. I had a nice chat with Michael and he thinks I should upload different stuff from Jam 50 as he did not think the jams I had put up were that interesting.

Magnus is playing thru his new Marshall set up like last time with his Paul reed Smith guitar. Johan has his telecaster and a pretty nice Laney combo Amp. He has borrowed a Tube Screamer pedal from Magnus. His set up sounds really good and quite different from Magnus. I hope they recording will sound good.

22:00 We had a short jam and I recorded less than 30 mins and it was a bit strange. Not sure if it was any good though. Everyone was just trying get a feel for the sound and stuff. I am pretty sure that I will be very low in the mix. We will see.

We just had some beers and joints and off for another jam. This one was like 56 minutes and Johan played an amazing melodic solo. Magnus complimented it really well. This will be pretty cool. I am not that impressed with Søren though, He has no groove. He stops starts, does not seem to know or have any idea what to do with us?? It is the first time he has ever tried anything like this I guess. He is not smoking or drinking and neither am I. Michael will play next and he will use Søren’s 5 string bass.

Some possible Jam titles: I fear my lips are burning, Johan Jam, You don’t know if they are

The guys just sung Johan happy birthday in a very funny and silly way. PIB is so much fun to be around and is making jokes and acting silly a lot,

24:00 We are just starting with Michael on the bass. Now, that was a very cool jam. Very spaced out stuff. Mogens was playing a lot of crazy stuff with his two effects pedals that he is using. Johan and Magnus played some really cool guitar. I was not very happy with what I was doing. I think I was too tired to start with. I also was a little worried about being too high in the mix and disturbing people too much., We will see what it all sounds like.

02:00 We are finished now. I think we jammed for like 30 more mins. The Edirol shut off so the memory card was full (3hrs) but I think only the last 5 mins or so are missing. I am super tired. This jam had Søren playing on Michael’s Fender Precision bass. He played much cooler stuff this time. I actually like the guitar stuff a lot in this jam. Mogens was asleep, he had worked the whole day and came straight out here. I also played very little. Too tired. PIB in the end said that he was empty. Did not have anything more left to give today..

Anyway, we had a nice evening. Johan did as well for his birthday. Spent it with some crazy musical Danes….

CD1 (Søren on Bass)

Intro Jam with Søren 20:41, Jam 2 20:19, Jam 3 15:09, Jam 4 20:09

CD2 (Michael on Bass)

Jam for Johan 25:21, Lights out, Please 10:50, Gone Forever 14:15

CD3 (Søren on Bass)

Jazz Ditty 11:40, Jam 2 23:02, Jam 3 13:12